Rated: Very Cheesy.  NOBODY hates you, Barry. To hate you, you would actually 
have to be making a negative impact on someone's life. The key is impact - You 
are a soft, little roly-poly dough boy, perfectly captured by Ann's nickname 
for you, "bawee". There is not enough there, in "Barry", for hatred to 
manifest, in response. The words most associated with you on FFL, are "sorry, 
sad, repetitive, old, and boring". Nothing to hate, there, just a sense of 
sympathy.  Grow up first, in your heart, and your intellect, to be an 
independent adult, and then we'll talk. :-) 
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 Have you ever noticed that the TMers on FFL 

 claim to be better than everyone else, 

 but that the only things 

 they seem capable of writing about 

 are either the things they're AFRAID OF:




 ISIS, and


 or the people they HATE:



 all atheists, and 

 anyone who disagrees with what they believe?

 In a way, it's possible to see this 

 as a commercial for TM. 

 I mean, if *most* people's lives 

 had turned out to be this empty, pathetic,
 and endlessly focused on things
 they themselves consider negative,
they'd have killed themselves long ago.

 But TMers on FFL seem to believe 

 that living like this
 is the very definition of 

 being better than everyone else.

 Low standards
make for high self-esteem,
 I guess...


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