A fine selection, I like the one from Rowan Atkinson. He made it during the 
debate the UK had on whether the blasphemy law should be extended to other 
faiths than Christianity. This came as a shock to most of us because we didn't 
know there still was a blasphemy law.

 It was Tony (I only know what I believe) Blair's idea, he was bowing to Muslim 
pressure to make them feel more included in society after the inevitable rise 
in suspicion after 9/11. Another insinuation was that they might be less likely 
to go a-suicide bombing if we stopped making fun of Allah. Turns out that the 
ones who were likely to get "radicalised" will still do that anyway.

 It's good to debate these things but most smart people were dead against it 
and even though the law was extended to all faiths in 2006, the whole thing was 
abandoned a few years later. A smart move by the Labour government I think. So 
we are free to make as many vicar/mullah  jokes as we like now and not fear 
prosecution - just getting attacked in the street by any passing cognitive 
dissonance sufferers.




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 My favorite, because it appears to be a real graphic
from believers trying to show how stupid atheists are...
sounds just like jr_esq or Buck, doesn't it?



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