Yes, obviously it was nonsense.  There was not figuring it out. 

 But Barry jumped on, for all the usual reasons, and then had to backtrack.

 As I recall, (reading fast as I do), he didn't issue a retraction, just came 
at it differently to issue a new put down of some sort.

 Maybe I have that wrong. 


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 Your favorite because you feel it let's you point out the stupidity of people 

 People you have categorized in your mind by their specific beliefs?

 To me, that says a lot, and is not just a little strange.

 You're smarter than me 'cause I don't even get it. What is that little rainbow 
colored poster saying other than whoever wrote it was drunk or English was 
their second language? 
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 My favorite, because it appears to be a real graphic

 from believers trying to show how stupid atheists are...
sounds just like jr_esq or Buck, doesn't it?



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