Ha ha! Here is a good article on it - couple years old but...

Squatter becomes owner of £100,000 flat
Struggling artist Jack Blackburn yesterday became the owner of the £100,000 
council flat he had squatted in for 13 years  
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you will have to explain that to us crass and crude Americans, I never heard of 
such doings as this - and it was legal at one time? Who changed the law and why 
wasn't it illegal to begin with?

We've always done it MJ, until recently anyway, it's a way of housing the 
homeless or feeding yourself in critical times. 

But squatting empty buildings became really popular in the 1960's because of 
the housing crisis, I have no idea when the laws were agreed but there was a 
statement you put on the door of the house you let yourself into stating that 
it was now your home and there was basically nothing they could do about it, 
except go to court to have you removed, which generally took ages. 

To put it into perspective, my town has 30% of it's houses empty for 10 months 
of the year and yet there are homeless people sleeping rough everywhere. This 
sort of imbalance in wealth is very bad for society and the government doesn't 
give a damn, they actively make it worse in fact. So squatting was a good idea 
but it did attract a lot of the wrong types who ruined peoples houses. The way 
things are swinging politically it couldn't last. everyone tries to out fascist 
the other guy these days.

The people I knew in squats were either paying off student debts or anarchist 
types living cheap and avoiding officialdom. We ran an environmental action 
group from our pub as well as having awesome parties and plotted the overthrow 
of Maggie Thatcher, but I went to travel the world before they built the 
barricades. It was good clean fun and no one got hurt or even disadvantaged 

But it's all been illegal since a few years ago, the verminous Tories won't let 
their rich friends be inconvenienced in any way so they stopped it. London 
belongs to oligarchs now, the rich have won the class war and there's no way to 
live except by paying vast rent to private landlords or buying a place if 
you're lucky. I don;t know why there hasn't been a revolution in the last few 
years, probably because everyone is kept passive by low wages and good quality 
TV. And there's no good role models. Russell Brand is the best they've got 
these days and he's a multi millionaire. But you'd never get away with it now 
with our easily abused anti - terror laws and government monitoring.

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Sorry - I replied too fast. Re "Still there?": No, we stayed at the squat for 
two years then we got a letter from the owner saying that he was returning from 
Africa, that he'd heard the place was occupied, and could we please vacate the 
premises shortly. We did exactly that - so he never lost out from us using his 
house and we left it in good order. Would all be illegal now of course but was 
still allowed then. And we thought at the time that we were just continuing the 
Levellers work  . . . 

Excellent, a lot of my friends did squatting and they always looked after the 
places. We all ended up in a nice empty pub once and planned our anti-poll tax 
campaign from the saloon bar. Ah, happy days.

Am currently squatting a bit of land and have divided it up between friends 
into allotments. Worked well for a few years but interest is waning and the 
place is getting overgrown, great sense of achievement when we started though. 
We were the new diggers. 

Shame it's all illegal now, kids these days don't know what they're missing!

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