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> You may remember the commentary on the Bhagavadgita,
> where Maharishi 
> described the necessity to challenge one's master in
> order to make him set 
> free more knowledge. (By the way this challenge
> according to my opinion is 
> not being taking place sufficiently by his
> disciples).
> Now after this introductory citation I come back to
> the main general point 
> by whose solution your fundamental questioning of
> authority makes most of 
> the consecutive doubtfully interposed questions at
> least formally obsolete.
> I myself took the opportunity to challenge Maharishi
> several times in my 
> life in direct contact, in order to get the
> validation of that answer, which 
> I have already been giving to myself through mere
> setting free of inherent 
> CI (= Creative Intelligence). This is the
> self-evident purpose and result of 
> this spiritual practice (self-unfolding in double
> sense of the word).
> In one case I brought my challenge to the peak
> point, because I dared to 
> doubt about an old-established model even, which
> Maharishi had launched as 
> one of his most fundamental ones. The reaction of
> the master gave me the 
> proof that it was worth to herald him at such high
> esteem, because his 
> answer was clear, modest and onepointed; I told him
> that the bubble-diagram 
> must be wrong, because transcending according to the
> law of irreversability 
> of processes in nature dictates the mind to walk in
> one direction only, and 
> that is from Atman (point value of inifinity =
> smaller than the smallest) to 
> Brahman (expanded value of infinity = bigger than
> the biggest). In fact 
> smaller than the smallest is essentially the same as
> bigger than the 
> biggest. This is the only reason, why the mind is
> enabled to transcend, that 
> is to say just by rescuing itself in the most
> expanded value in order to be 
> able to come back to the "starting point" of all
> manífestation. So I said to 
> Maharishi, "Transcending is a process of constant
> engrossment of the mantra 
> until it reaches its most expanded value and such
> the mind alone can find 
> back to its source." Without hesitation Maharishi
> agreed. It was in late 
> summer 1979 at the Golden Hall at
> Seelisberg-Switzerland. He literrally said 
> to me in presence of the audience: "You are
> absolutely right in what you 
> say. We just held this model as a working model for
> practical reasons only."
> So thinking by yourself is not only allowed but
> vital necessary, as already 
> the great philosopher Immanuel Kant found out. His
> maxims of human thinking 
> (= emancipation) were:
> 1.  Think !
> 2.  Think by yourself !
> 3.  Think consecutively !
> 4.  Think up to the end !
> Very often I have to doubt, whether meditators - in
> their tendency to 
> regressive development - have ever come beyond stage
> "2". Whereas the 
> majority of the population at average moves at least
> somwhere in between 
> stage 2 and 3. A genuine spiritual seeker is
> expetced to range somewhere 
> between thinking level 3 and 4.
> Maharishi has never taught to surrender in a
> non-critical manner. This are 
> old-fashioned concepts out of the moth's chest of
> topsy-turby theories on 
> Yoga, where constantly cause and effect got
> fatalistically turned upside 
> down (best example: "concentration is the input of
> meditation" even though 
> it is the output of the interaction of the three
> gunas in the mind (= 
> samyama, which leads to the state of "ekagrata
> parinama" or constant flow of 
> the mind in one thought (= what is meant by the real
> meaning of the word 
> "concentration"). And this again is identical with
> the state of at least 
> savikalpa-samadhi). Samadhi is by the way also a
> constant process and not a 
> static state, the same way as diving is always going
> along with some effort 
> to be able to stay underneath the surface and not a
> static notion, staying 
> at one spot without further invested dynamics.
> Now further to your questions as inserts;
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>   From: Jason Spock
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>   Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Earth turns around
> the sun not the other way: 
> (How MMY sold a diamond (TM) for a handful of
> spinach...)
>             functioning based on the principle of
> three gunas: Rishi - 
> Davata- Chanddhas
>      Is this the exact term Maharishi uses to
> discribe these three things.?? 
> "Gunas"
>   As I preliminarily introduced it is not important
> to ask, whether 
> Maharishi used to describe this manner, but whether
> it could make sense to 
> describe it in such manner. And the answer will be
> "yes", if you ask your 
> own "Maharishi" (= the complete seer) inside
> yourself. That is the best 
> Maharishi you could ever have and he will always
> match with the outer 
> Maharishi, which should always be the mile-stone and
> your measure-scale but 
> never your mental hurdle (just because you do not
> want to come out of your 
> childish self-dependent making attitude, which has
> nothing to do with 
> devotion but only with obsequiousness).
>             You can fix a thought (or a an object),
> but it has to 
> automatically turn into something else, otherwise it
> would "burn" a hole in 
> your mind, in case it stayed at the same spot.
>      The object turns into something else.??
> Everything turns at every 
> moment in the universe. Nothing stays static. This
> is the constant flow of 
> creative intelligence ("intelligence becomes
> intelligent" SCI-Course). The 
> gunas are always on the move. Even if you reflect on
> the relation between 
> "you and "you" only, you will find out easily, that
> there is always a shift 
> between subject-self and object-self back and forth.
>    How does it burn a "hole" in the Mind.?? The mind
> also needs a 
> "sreen-saver" like a computer. If the focus is too
> much on one point, 
> imbalance is being created and damage this way or
> that way is at hand. On 
> creating such an imbalance typically the
> Zen-meditation technique is based 
> for example. Totally unnatural and therefore "either
> ridiculous or 
> dangerous" (Maharishi on "Other techniques",
> SCI-Course).
>             Samadhi is the sattwa guna of the mind
> (pure ground of 
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