Synchronistically, amidst all of this talk of global warming and the planet 
going belly-up, I'm getting ready to go out tonight to a showing of Christopher 
Nolan's "Interstellar" at the film festival. 

I'm hoping it's good, and will try to pen a review if it is, but I know in 
advance that I approve of Nolan's idea of what one should do in case of 
imminent planetary collapse and the extinction of the species. In fact, I 
approve so heartily that I want to be the first to volunteer to be sealed into 
a spaceship and shot off into space alone with Anne Hathaway should this 
collapse happen soon. :-)

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salyavin, I hope it's not too late but I'm not sure. Gaia might have to totally 
implode, taking us all with her, and then regenerate herself. Cycle of 
life..which may end up being just the bacteria, viruses and robots! 

It'd be good if there's any robots left because at least we could programme 
them to tell our story to any wandering aliens who happen upon our overheated 
dump in a few centuries.

Nothing will change because of political short-termism and the "market's" 
greed. We have to make a decision to survive and I don't see our leaders 
stepping up to the plate as there's no votes in a shrinking economy. 

The best we can hope for is that someone invents a free energy generator like a 
nuclear fusion reactor, but getting funding is hard because the benefits are so 
distant due to it being rather difficult. Or maybe everyone will embrace 
alternative tech like wind and wave power but the majority in the UK don't want 
it. I doubt the reality of global warming will sink in until it's too late...
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