Through most of the summer I was getting freebies at Starbucks. Then they cut those back. They were mainly promos to program you to buy some new product which in the long term means you will be spending more money there. They've cut back on things like a free drink if you buy a pound of coffee. I still got my free drink yesterday being on the Gold program but I wonder how soon they will curtail that or limit what you get for free. I always order the most expensive and largest Clover drink when I get the free one.

I watch these trends to see how businesses are doing. Prices are going up. The Jet Stream is too far north again bring snow to Chicago and no rain to California. Soon we'll be inverse Oakies.

OTOH, I can now really justify my security cameras because this morning the next door neighbor was burgled. In fact I saw the perps and mainly their SUV since it was parked in front. I was expecting Fedex to deliver my new BD player so was keeping an eye out. Unfortunately right before Halloween I moved the camera as it was recording too many cars going past so I didn't get a video of the perps. But the camera I figure keeps perps away. I also didn't think anything about the SUV because the neighbor is a contractor and frequently has workers dropping by to pick up or deliver things and beside they also have an SUV of similar color. A cop dropped by to get info from me.

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Might as well face the music. The latest bad news: Starbucks is going belly-up in California. Due to the drought, there is almost no hot snow left. It is almost impossible to eat a dead bird without a nourishing cup of hot snow, to wash it all down - the feathers keep getting stuck in the teeth. Anyone who doesn't immediately book a one way ticket to The People's Paradise Of North Korea, is nuts.

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Shocking footage showing what life is really like in the States. Enjoy your cup of hot snow . . .

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