Nice! They are some of the most beautiful animals, imo.

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 OMG, Fleetwood, are we having parallel lives?! This morning coming home from 
the Dome, suddenly a deer crossing B St. And it was a buck, full atlers and 
everything! Then about 30 minutes later I went back to campus, again on B St. 
and crossing in almost the same spot, a doe and her fawn. 


 Now it's snowing. And sticking! Shovel season coming early this year!


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   Love the birdies! There is an aggressive little hummingbird around, and I 
really want to get a picture of him or her, in the light, to show off its 
emerald feathers.

 A few hours ago, I was sitting outside, and the doe and her two fawns, one 
buck, one doe, were eating grass only about ten feet away. They were not 
startled, and we looked back and forth at one another. Then they slipped down 
the hill a little ways - I followed up to the fence, watched them and saw them 
energetically with my eyes closed also. Looked deeply into deer mom's eyes, and 
shared our common Being. Then did some mirroring of her head gestures, and 
gazed at the fawns too. Went on back and forth for fifteen minutes, between the 
four of us. It is amazing to look into a wild animal's eyes. They are pure 
reflections of their world,  and the lessons learned. It seemed as if the doe 
could read my emotions, though she was also distracted by the neighborhood 
waking up, and ensuring the safety of her fawns.  
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 Fleetwood, another wonderful experience: I was sitting near an open door of 
the Dome. Suddenly there was a bird song. The sound of that song was inside me. 
And so was my body!

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 This is an interesting experience that always happens when I practice TM with 
my wife. I can feel my nearly pure awareness contact hers, and then the 
boundary is gone, and it is simply oneness, without boundary or ownership. I 
always flinch mentally, just as the boundary dissolves. It is as if I am 
suspended in an empty room, dimly lit by blue lights, and I sense another room, 
this one also empty, but dimly lit by purple lights. Then, suddenly the divider 
between the two is gone, and it is one room. This is probably more common that 
it sounds, especially given Share's experience in the dome ("ovals of light").



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