The Indian satellite mission cost 4.5 billion rupees which translates as $74 
million in US dollars. Unless I'm missing the point of your post . . ?

---In, <emptybill@...> wrote :

 The Mangalyaan satellite mission has been budgeted at $74 million, which, by 
Western standards, is staggeringly cheap.The American Maven orbiter to the Red 
Planet is costing almost 10 times as much.

Not even a close comparison.. 

The rupee is India's equivalent to the dollar and is the currency that every 
Indian is payed with. At 50 rupees per dollar (which is the actual "relative 
purchasing power" for labor, commodities and services), them Injuns is paying 
the equivalent of 3.7 billyun dollars for their program. 

You used to be able to purchase a fine house for about $US 15-20,000 with 
servants for a few thousand more per year. Now "O-So-Spiritual" Westerner have 
bid up the prices for such houses because the cost of taking care of retired 
parents needing medical services is absurdly cheap.

Prices go up with demand. The price of interplanetary missions does not.


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