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FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "tomandcindytraynoratfairfieldlis" 
> Peter writes:
> I assume people consider Sai Ma to be Self-Realized? Her photos in
> this link have no shakti at all. What's up wit dat?
> Tom T:
> I had the opportunity to visit Sai Ma in Chicago about 3 years ago.
> When 6 different people invited me, I knew it was a cosmic 
> The facility we were in was also hosting a 1958 Class reunion right
> next door with those thin partitions. The rock and roll music was 
> loud so we ended up doing some chanting and dancing cause there 
was no
> way you could hear anything she would have said with the rock and 
> going on in the next partition. When the DJ finally took a break 
> began her discourse/sermon/teaching. After she had been talking 
> 2 minutes she laid out a Mahavakya and I laughed hysterically. 
> who live in FF know me by my laughter even when they don't know me
> personally. Sai Ma turned to her right, as my wife and I were 
> in the front row far right corner, and stared very intensely and I 
> course stared right back. After about a minute of staring she 
> back to the audience (maybe 100 or so) and announced "He Knows". 
> rest of her talk went the same way. She would talk and about every
> minute or two I would laugh and she would say "He Knows". This 
went on
> for about 30 minutes and after a while the audience began to laugh 
> the same Mahavakyas as I did. For me it was a very interesting
> validation of my experience and understanding. She seemed to 
> enjoy the laughter and would smile every time I laughed. What that
> meant for her I have no idea but I felt totally validated. The next
> day the Chicago Times had a story about the gathering, her and the
> weekend intensive. There were two pictures with the article. One 
was a
> 1 inch by 2 inch picture of Chalanda Sai Ma and the other was and 
8 by
> 10 of Cindy and I plus two other attendees. Of course I was mostly 
> the center. I thought that was also very funny. When I left the 
> night gathering one of the devotees wanted to know if I was staying
> for the intensive and I responded that I had gotten all I needed 
and I
> had repaid her validation with my laughter. The devotee couldn't
> understand why I wasn't staying. I have found out that I don't 
have to
> follow anything other than my own laughter and the laughter seemed 
> think she was very awake and very funny. I have also found that 
> of the other teachers I run into tell me the same kind of jokes 
> most of the audience doesn't get. Tom



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