Much has been written lately about the boorish and anti-social behavior of one 
of our members, Barry.

 I am always interested, when someone becomes so insulting and difficult, why? 
Here are seven reasons I have come up with; Barry's "brokenness". Can anybody 
find others?

 1. Barry has no significant other. 
 This is probably reason number one. Barry has said before how casually he 
treated sex (yes, past tense). Unfortunately, he interacts with women as if he 
is in high school, they know it, and he now finds himself a lonely man.

 2. Barry is almost 75 years old. 
 Three quarters of a century, and nothing to show for it. He is meeting his 
death too soon, having wasted most of his life.

 3. He is out of shape, and never exercises to take his mind off his problems. 
 So he ends up here - ranting and raving, shoving his belly up against the desk.

 4. He has lost all of his money. 
 I don't know anyone his age who must continue to work for a living, or who 
lives in a rooming house. That would piss off anyone his age.

 5. He is beginning to drink a lot. 
 This will make a person both imprecise and slothful, and this is showing up 
more and more in his writing.

 6. He doesn't practice TM. 
 His stress has him by the jollies, and he doesn't even know it.

 7. He never understood enlightenment, and envies those who proclaim it. 
 It eats at him, like a cancer.


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