I'll have to try Trader Joe's.  I usually don't shop there, but will try 
it...The Niners won a tough game today.  Now, the next challenge is to win 
against the Seahawks this Thursday.  That should be a barn burner.

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 Hi jr. - I drink Oregon Chai (available everywhere, but best price at 
TraderJoe's) - It is a liquid concentrate, 1/2 milk, 1/2 Chai, but you can use 
skim or that "de-lactosed" stuff. Been into it for over ten years. They shorted 
the spices about seven years ago, but I no longer notice. Go Niners!! Now that 
I no longer subsidize their stadium, I am again a fan. Harbaugh can take a 
hike. After Stanford, it is too scary for him, dealing with adults. PS More 
rain on Saturday!

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 Good mornin' to ya'll,

 It's an overcast day out here in my neck of the woods, a nice respite from the 
needed rain we had last Thursday and Friday....

 How many of you have tried a packaged chai in the morning?  I bought two boxes 
of this cardamon chai at a Muslim Indian grocery store in Berkeley, CA last 
week.  The chai is just a good as the one you'd get at an Indian restaurant.

 I couldn't find this brand at Safeway or other supermarket in my neighborhood. 
 But there is a small Indian grocery store at the Fillmore District which sells 
the same product...

 For the naysayers here, you should know that Lindsay Lohan has also taken up 
TM.  That's probably understandable since she has worked for Oprah Winfrey, an 
ardent TMer.  I saw this from a video clip of Ellen Degeneris Show last night.  
She too is a meditator....There appears to be a tacit connection here with the 

 It was nice to see the Raiders win a football game last Thursday.  They might 
win another game or two.  But in the end, they would still have a losing 

 This afternoon the 49ers take on RG3 and the Redskins.  The Niners are favored 
to win.  They could probably make the playoffs.  But there is still a lingering 
rumor that Coach Harbaugh might jump ship to another team after the season is 

 Meanwhile, a violin player is playing a blissful tune on the radio...


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