Take a hint from me: only a fool can't see that Masons agenda goes further 
than making Money.

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 You can't take that guy serious, noone in his right mind read books by Paul 
Mason. He has a simple agenda; to make money. 

 He, he, he. Take a hint from me: A fool says, "I won't read great books if 
they are translated and published."

 Maharishi has also been edited, translated, and published by MUM and others, 
and not for free. The same goes for so many others. 

 By the way, I have compared three translations of Guru Dev's 108 discourses. 
In my view Paul Mason's is the best, translationwise, but LB Shriver's has good 
annotations to go for it. And there is one more translation from India, for 
free on Paul Mason's Guru Dev page. 

 When one has rid the mind of mean dumbness one is better qualified to study 
texts and compare. "First study, then speak" should hardly be ignored.

 T. Kinnes

 Tormod Kinnes

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