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 "Line on water," or "on the ropes?" You decide.

 Seems to me that someone this desperate to defend himself has an awful lot of 
self to defend.

Ah, but he is speaking from the home of all the laws of nature so that's a lot 
of extra energy from the unified field to give him a much needed boost when 
he's flagging.

 And I think you should cut him some slack, you forget that he's doing 
spontaneous right action so it isn't like he gets a choice.

 Personally I feel sorry for him, imagine attaining the highest of the high, 
the goal of realising your birthright and then you spend all day searching the 
internet for photo's of people you don't like and putting juvenile captions on 
them. I don't remember that in the brochure.

  Jai Guru Dev! Go figure....



 Thank you so much for pointing this out, Salyavin. Checking the Post Count 
this morning and realizing exactly *how* obsessed with me Jimbo has become, I 
had decided to lay off of him anyway, out of compassion. But your 
interpretation of his actions provides an even more compassionate view of him, 
and one that flatters *me* as well. 


 If you are right, he really can't help but obsess on me, because the Laws Of 
Nature are forcing him to. But if you think it through, for the Laws Of Nature 
to make an Enlightened One obsess enough on little ol' me to write 40+ posts 
about me a day, they (the Laws Of Nature) must consider *me* pretty fuckin' 
important. Are they likely to force an Enlightened One to write 2.5 posts an 
hour about just anybody? 


 No way. I must really rock. 


 And the photos? The Laws Of Nature forced him to search not only my Facebook 
account, but to search the Facebook accounts of several other people (my FB 
Friends) to find them. The Laws Of Nature must think I'm pretty important, to 
force an Enlightened One to violate the privacy of people he's never even met 
or exchanged posts with. Clearly, I rock even more. 

 So I'm going to swing behind your interpretation of Jimbo's actions, Sal, and 
cut him some slack. I'll stop bugging him about pretending to be a woman on FFL 
for months, because hey!...the Laws Of Nature probably forced him to do *that*, 
too. They also probably forced him to deny having done it, when he got caught 
at it. 


 Interestingly, the most fascinating (and most compassionate) thing about your 
interpretation of Jimbo's actions, Sal, is that it works *whether he's 
enlightened or not*. 


 If I'm wrong and he is enlightened, then according to Maharishi *of course* he 
has no will of his own and is just acting out the will of the Laws Of Nature. 
It's *them* doing the creepy stalking, not him. And if I'm right and instead of 
being enlightened he's just crazier than a bedbug, he *still* has no will of 
his own. It's the bad chemicals in his brain that are making him do things like 
stalk people he doesn't like (or know) and pretend to be a woman. Either way -- 
enlightened or insane -- he's off the hook. 


 I'm still trying to work out how this works for the *others* who are stalking 
me, though. Y'know...Richard, Ann, and Steve. They're essentially obsessing on 
me almost as much as Jimbo is. Does this mean that *they* are enlightened, too, 
or that they're crazy, too? Curious minds want to know.  :-)

 Nabby was saying the other day that there are a lot more enlightened people 
around due to the world waking up, so maybe we've been given a glimpse of the 
full wonders that await us all when the New Age finally dawns in it's radiant 

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