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What do you want to bet none of this happens and Enki has to eat crow?

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Enki: Nov 17, 05
I give you some news this day, as to what I see coming in the next few days. That is that there will be soldiers walking up to their officers and saying, “No more, I will not fight one more minute.”
There are going to be news reporters who’ll walk into their offices and they will walk up to their employers and say, “I will not report lies one more minute.”
There will be executives in oil companies who’ll go to the head haunchos and they will say. “No more, I will not be party to gauging the public any more with these prices, not one more minute.”
There are heads of state who will have to face those people who have been serving them, who will come to them and say, “No more. I will not participate in the lies, the schemes, the murders, the atrocities, not one more minute.”
It is done my dear ones; it is done! And we stand victorious in the light, for it is accomplished. What is left now is the playing out of all of the parts in this grand finale that carries earth and her inhabitants into the Promised Land.
I stand at the gate, humble on my knees as you come to me. I rise up clasping your hands in mine, and I kiss your fingertips, for they are Holy. We are all One and all that is, is in our fingertips, and our hearts, and our minds, and our souls and our Spirit; we’re all One.
I leave you now to your evening, and I sit in glory in your presence.
Bob: Thank you Enki.

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