It's possible that Trump would leave the GOP if he thinks he's being treated 
unfairly.  He could run as an independent if the GOP machine is not careful.  
IMO, such a scenario would be detrimental to the party.












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 The media and Trump's opponents have been very timid so far in their 
criticisms. That makes him look strong and brave. If they were to really go 
after him with no holds barred, he'd crumble, because he's a bully. Joe 
Scarborough on Fox on Tuesday tried to get him to stop talking so he and Mika 
could ask questions, and when he wouldn't, Scarborough cut him off and went to 
commercial. When they came back, Trump was suddenly much more cooperative about 
listening to their questions. If that sort of thing happened more often, he 
wouldn't look so David-like. 

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 I'm not so sure about that Judy. The establishment Republicans *think* they 
will go down the tubes in the national elections. Democrats hate him, but they 
weren't going to vote for anyway.Republicans fear him because he makes them 
look like the people that the Democrats have always portrayed them to be... 
racists , bigot, homophobes since he's running as a Republican.
  What Trump does is put Americans first. Stop illegal immigration, create more 
job opportunities... for Americans, protect the homeland from outside threats. 
He doesn't give a shit about political correctness and that makes people think 
that he cares about them and not how he is perceived by the media. The more the 
media attacks him, the more people like him. He looks like a David standing up 
to Goliath.


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   If you're talking about Donald Trump, no, he hasn't shot himself in the 
foot, and no, it's not over for him yet. And none of the GOP candidates is a 
Trump wannabe. The GOP is terrified of Trump and is trying to figure out how to 
get rid of him. They know that if he wins the nomination, the party will go 
down the tubes in the national election.

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 As predicted ol' Buzz Windrip has shot himself in the foot even before the 
primaries begin. :-D 
 It may well be over for him so now for the GOP Buzz Windrip wannabees to shoot 
themselves in the foot.
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 it's only ridicules if you're suggesting it's an *iron curtain*. Nobody is 
suggesting not allowing people out but better controls on who comes in, under 
what circumstances and when they leave. Right now the borders are porous. 
People enter without anybody knowing or over stay their visas. That is a 
security risk that is unacceptable. When I visited India, I had to have my 
passport with me at all times. When I checked into a hotel I had to present it 
to show I was in the country legally. I could be tracked by the Indian 
government where ever I went. If I over stayed my visa, I could be picked up by 
local authorities with a phone call. 

 I don't want to be living in any police state nor was I implying that nobody 
would be let out, it was a joke meaning: be careful who you choose to be locked 
in a room with. There are plenty of crazies who are red-blooded born-in-the-USA 
Caucasian males who are more than happy to steal from you, kill you or torture 
and terrorize you. 
 How long before Trump makes enough people sick that he slinks off back into 
the slime he emerged from? He is so embarrassing and the nut jobs who support 
him so brain dead I just don't know what to think anymore. 
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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Trump Wants to Ban Muslims from Entering the US

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 It's a clever way to seal the borders. He wouldn't be able to discriminate 
based on race, religion, etc etc. So he'll have to stop *all* immigration to 
make it legal. The Southern wall will help to prove that he's not 
discriminating against Muslims. Polls suggest that Americans want the borders 
 That's not only ridiculous but impossible. Think about what you're sealing in, 
Mike, not just what you're sealing out.
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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Trump Wants to Ban Muslims from Entering the US
   Would this current development make him more popular among Americans?  I'm 
not sure if he's thought about the legality of this action.  But it makes him 
more controversial and puts his campaign on a high profile.  Can he win the 
presidency in the long run?

 Donald Trump calls for ‘total and complete shutdown’ of Muslims entering U.S. 
 Donald Trump calls for ‘total and complete shutdown’ of ... Republican 
presidential frontrunner Donald Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown 
of Muslims entering the United States” until the country’s re...

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