Already been done.

The summer of 2001 there were promos for a new Fox cartoon series based on the Apu character in the Simpsons. People were looking forward to it. Of course Apu is Indian but they canceled production after 9/11.

BTW, the mainstream media is really pushing the husband and wife gunmen thing but when the story was first covered last week there was a tweet I saw with a video by someone at the location checking out the drill that was supposed to be held that day and commenting on the "three guys with assault weapons in black" (shown in the video) who "really look serious." I wish I had grabbed that video because I bet you can't find it now. Also the couple's attorney said they were found handcuffed in the van.

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Of course! Media teaches people what and how they are to think. It can be used for good or bad. Don't be surprised if you see a sitcom with *lovable* Muslims busting all the stereo types this Fall. They already make conservatives out to be boogie men and Christians to be Psychotic .

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People laughed at it but they also got the point. Years later things are even worse. We have a bunch of pompous rats trying to program the public through media control.

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I remember seeing Network when it first came out. People were rolling in the isles laughing at this scene.

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Yes Trump is a wild card alright.

BBC Radio were today comparing Trump's style to Peter Finch's rant inNetwork.

The problem for those who oppose Trump (most everyone) is that they have no answer to the issue of Islamic radicalisation and the regular terrorist atrocities that innocent, peaceful citizens are having to endure.

Instead of just dismissing Trump as a bigot (which he probably is) I'd appreciate some positive and credible policy initiatives that will tackle the threat we face. I'll be waiting a long time as liberals have no answers. That's the really scary thing and not a right-wing populist speech by a presidential outsider.

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