There's lots to answer to hear so I'm gathering up my ducks to list them and sources from mainstream news and some from liberal sources. I would be the majority of Canadians don't agree with this guy either. He's a "rah rah Obama" cheerleader who drinks neo-liberalist kool-aid. (Hint: neo-liberalism doesn't mean liberal, look it up).

Obama has been a traitor to his supporters and the Democrats wusses. Most real thinking liberals like neither. The economy is good I guess if you are gainfully employed and not so much or at all if you aren't and hanging on by a thread. Over half the country is below the poverty level. Many don't have enough in savings to take care of an emergency. It's a despicable situation that Obama promised to take care of when he took office but didn't. Yeah, the Republicans made it difficult but there were ways of playing that game. The Dems refused to stand up to them. All that lobby money must be really good.

Be careful about US government statistics which well well cooked by the bureaucrats.

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Wow, that's too bad. This guy been snowed! For one thing the economy isn't good at all. Obama out and out lied about that! It's like he's hanging out in Washington state and smoking ganja. New jobs? Of course there were some season hires for the holiday season. It happens every year and those are not permanent jobs nor do the pay much. In fact most new jobs don't pay much.

America is leading the world? Where? I don't think the rest of the world respects a country that bombs innocent civilians.

People voted for Obama to get rid of the taste of Bush. But Obama just kept on with the same ol' same ol'. Then people voted against Romney because they trusted him even less.

I would have expected you to know economics far better than this. Must not have been your best subject.

Or did somebody or something put a pod outside your door?

Haha, no. I think Obama (and here we are getting into politics, the dangerous subject where no one ever changes anyone's mind) has done the best he could given the terrible resistance he has run into with Congress and the shmazzle of the previous Bush government to fix, the guy was reduced to running on 1 cylinder. I think it is easy to be very, very critical of the man or woman running your own country. No one can work miracles especially when so many are running blocker on them. If you are unhappy with your country's situation you can not look to one man to blame. You need to look at the past, the present in terms of how your government is operating and how they are a very real impediment or detriment to what someone is trying to do, even if what they are trying to do seems like a positive or good thing. No man runs the Presidency alone. I personally believe Obama to be a good human being. He is not a miracle worker nor is he infallible. However, a good human being does not guarantee an effective Presidential candidate.

What I do agree with you on is that I don't necessarily assert that "America is leading the world". However, the point of my posting this was to illustrate how Canadians feel about your President.

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    This is how many Canadians feel about Obama. This particular
    letter to the Editor was penned by someone from Victoria.


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