I remember Mentmore Towers [UK] emptying of all the Perusha governors etc. who 
lived in it after they each raised some money and then they all popped off to 
the Philippines for a month or so. I was left to cook for just one person other 
than myself as far as I remember. 
 I heard they swept through as much of the place as they could, teaching the 
locals for nothing (no charge). I think MMY treated Marcos the dictator with 
the dignity of a leader, then it seems Marcos had to flee soon after in 1986. 
However, this is not specifically down to people meditating because the People 
Power Revolution started in 1983 and the WGAOE lads (average age 30?) went 
after that.
 To be honest with you, I wasn’t sure of the times and dates because we had no 
TVs or newspapers or radios - there wasn't even a telephone in the British HQ 
for the World Government of the Age of Enlightenment! (I just had my copies of 
Science of CI, Bhagavad Gita [first 6 chapters by MMY], 'Living With the 
Himalayan Masters' and 'Autobiography of a Yogi').



Wasn't there one in the Philippines?


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 In former heady times using the facility of the TM movement to test the 
hypothesis of cultivating group consciousness Maharishi sent teams of TM 
meditators around the world to areas of conflict -like in to the Nicaragua 
 I ran in to someone here recently who deployed to Nicaragua in a peace project 
that came out of a solicitation that was made in a NYTimes advertisement by the 
Nicaragua government or parties from there to help end the civil war there in 
the 1980’s.  Maharishi sent a team of meditators.

 Where else were groups of meditators sent in these projects?  


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