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> > MMY's personality is very much a product of his time
> > and culture. It has nothing to do with anything
> > "cosmic". Blazing Brahman expresses itself through an
> > aging, slightly senile, lower-caste, 89 year old Hindu
> > man who has run a spiritual movement with an iron fist
> > for the past 50 years.
> Boy, I think this is an important point.
> Peter, would it also be correct to phrase it
> slightly differently and say, This is *how*
> Blazing Brahman is expressing itself through
> this particular aging, slightly senile,
> lower-caste, 89-year-old Hindu man who has
> run a spiritual movement with an iron fist
> for the past 50 years?
> I mean, obviously one has to think MMY has
> *realized* Blazing Brahman in order to make
> either of these two statements.
> But people tend to look at the *expression*,
> find it to be much less than what they think
> of as "perfection" in a relative sense, and
> on that basis assume MMY has *not* realized
> Brahman.
> Of course whether he has or hasn't is still
> one's individual take; it's just that the take
> shouldn't be based, it seems to me, on the
> perceived distance of the expression from what
> they would consider relative perfection.

Brilliant posts Judy, and Peter! ...we're back to 'the meaty 

I have watched my own evolution of my perceptions of Maharishi's 
expressions, and what has happened is I kept trying to have an 
opinion about him, where he was headed, what his initiatives mean, 
why the people around him do what they do, and despite my best 
intentions, I am now in a 'watching what comes next, fascinated' 

Maharishi has managed to transcend everything I have ever felt or 
thought about him, and now my experience is that of watching Shiva 
incarnate. However, lest you think, 'aha, Jim is making an opinion 
of Maharishi again...', this is really just a way to express my 
current perception. As we might imagine, Shiva incarnating has as 
much to do with the Infinite as He does with discrete actions.

I also want to make the strong point that the only way I am now able 
to just be with Maharishi's actions is by previously attending to 
all of my impressions of him, and watching them dissolve, one by one 
by one.

Is this a less certain way of watching Maharishi? Yes. Because there 
is no reserved parking space for me anymore, with regard to my 
judgement of him. 

He is what he is, whatever that is. Kind of like watching a tree 
grow from a sapling and trying to predict exactly what it will look 
like as it grows, which is impossible, because it continues to 
change. How do we judge the sky? Is it Hurricane Katrina, or a sunny 
day at the beach? 

Maharishi has evolved into pure paradox, transcending my intellect,  
and leaving me as the innocent witness to his actions. Like a master-
 disciple relationship only in the transcendent; ONLY in the 
transcendent. Pure Paradox.  

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