Clinton is going to be indicted. Bernie will be the Dem nominee. Trump will 
win the U.S. Presidency.

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 and burn his chubby little fingers? (emphasis on little...) 

 I'll let you in on a secret: Trump really doesn't want to be President. It is 
too nuanced a position for a coarse and simple-minded person like him, and he 
is both lost and frustrated attempting it. So he is self-sabotaging his chances 
at every turn. He will lose spectacularly.
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 It'd be more fun watching him pick up the shell casings falling all around her 
where ever she goes.

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   It would be very gracious, once Hillary wins, to offer The Donald the 
position of chief groundskeeper at the White House, picking up after the 
Presidential pooch and trimming the hedges. Perhaps he could design a mini-golf 
course for them too. He would still be allowed to wear his little cap, silently 
proclaiming, "make America great again", while mowing the lawn. :-) 
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  Aw-shucks , it's going to be a *landslide*.

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   It will just look that way right up to the election (due to the magnifying 
effect of any right wing media shills). However, it will be a complete rout 
once the results come in. Doesn't really matter what percentage of the 
electorate decides to participate, won't affect the outcome a bit. Count on it.
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 Ollie, actually it's going to be uncomfortably close. You really don't want to 
discourage any Hillary voters from turning out. 



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 Yep, pretty much...even with the usual 50% that don't cast a vote in the 
Presidential elections, Trump will still get destroyed - It will be even more 
embarrassing than what happened to that Mormon hypocrite and Eddie Munster, 
last time. Of course the GOP could decide to try and unseat Trump at the 
convention, and do even worse...:-) 
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 Well... I guess there just won't be any urgency to go out and vote since it's 
a done deal. Right?

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 It doesn't really matter what lies are spread about Clinton at this point. 
Trump will get stomped so badly in the general election, it will be a miracle 
if he amasses 10% of the electoral votes, total. I know all the Republicans are 
doing their best to fall in line behind him, but President Hillary Clinton is a 
done deal. The GOP is history.

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 Actually, it just happened to be in my face at the time. Due you still think 
that the FBI is.  *not* investigating Hillary and only looking into the 
security of her server?
 Talk about gullibility and critical thinking skills. 


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   Yes, gullible, and lacking in critical thinking skills.

 You know why the Bosnia story was such a huge deal? Because there was actual 
*evidence* for it, unlike most of the other anti-Clinton stories. In and of 
itself, it was pretty insignificant.




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 Russert Dismantles Hillary's Bosnia Story On Meet the Press, Tim Russert 
dismantles the Bosnia story told by Hillary, and James Carville responds 
without ...


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   Did you know the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary?



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 Benedict Arnold gave the British the plans to West Point. Hillary Clinton gave 
the Russians access to the State Department's internal E-mails and secrets.

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 If there is any truth to this, she could be easily blackmailed. She would be a 
security risk. Obama can only try to protect her from prosecution because he is 
complicit in her use of the private server because the White House e-mailed her 
on it. If she goes down, so does he. The FBI is talking about recommending 
prosecution later, after the convention. Then it's too late .

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