OMG! The thought police - it's 1984 all over again. No praying in public! 
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 Christian football coach loses job after praying at games.  (he first prayed 
for some 15-20 sec after each game right on the 50 yard line; not privately).  
Then, team members joined in.  Coach Joe says it's all voluntary.
 No!  ....when your team members start engaging in group activities, whatever 
that may be (even "God" forbid - gang rapes), there's an incentive resulting 
from peer pressure to participate otherwise risk being shunned.
 I've seen the same phenomenon on real-life prison documentaries.  Prisoners 
sometimes are "encouraged" to pray in special sessions where they hold hands 
and praise God.  OK, fine; but try not attending the prayer group.  Next thing 
you'll get a shank in the gut for being a nonconformist.

 Joe Kennedy, praying high school football coach, sues district to get his job 
 Joe Kennedy, praying high school football coach, sues ...
 A former high school football coach has filed a federal lawsuit against a 
Washington state school district after he lost his job for praying on the 
50-yard li...

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