No, you are willfully confusing the situation. The guy could stand tall in the 
sandals of Maharishi.  Maharishi was both one of the great visionaries of the 
20th Century and one of its greatest activist revolutionaries into the 21st 

 35 years has been spent separating people from the ™ movement.  It is silly 
that a few in this organization are reaching out asking for the collective help 
and sacrifice with what circumstance we have at hand and the leadership at his 
level is so tepid. An organizational need here right now is for some direct 
leadership with some clarity and spine that lays out the higher mission of who 
we are as transcendentalists and where we are going with this.  Not some 
appeasements and buried comments at the bottom of some talk.    

 Right now we need some coordanated leadership from the top on this that does 
not get in the way of good work being done on behalf of the organization and 

 The Call to Spiritual Order,Rally Now to Meditation!

---In, <> wrote :

 So if somebody really is unable to attend group program, you're saying, they 
shouldn't even bother to time their individual program to coincide with the 
group program? 



 ---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Om no. He should be pulling on his oar along with the rest of the team. That 
kind of thing just sends things off in circles. This is just giving excuse to 
retired meditators out on the periphery who could be contributing to the 
community to just stay slack by themselves.  It is apologetic for just 
meditating at best but a complete lack of clarity with Maharishi’s interest in 
the transformative power of coming together in collective meditation as 
practicing transcendental meditationists.  Quite evidently these are no times 
for people to sit back at home.  


---In, <mdixon.6569@...> wrote :

 Maybe I'm missing something here. Didn't he say come together *if possible*?
 If you can' t, then lift off at the same time.. if possible.

 From: "dhamiltony2k5@... [FairfieldLife]" <>
 Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2016 12:58 PM
 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: Meanwhile in Germany...
 Wow, that is certainly deflating.
 "Maharaja-ji said" ..His comments highlighted below in your post directly defy 
what we know by experience as meditators and what the science does reveal.  

 Sending Mixed messaging from the top is a simple way to justify a culture of 
long failure (negligence) in corporate reign of administration to have people 
in meditation.  This is really bad.   A major tenant of Maharishi’s all along 
was that numbers and proximity of meditators in meditation were significators.  

 The message there is like a pulling of a rug out from under the footing of his 
generals and soldiers out in the field.  Comes down like the Trump-esk gaff.  
Mischief or Commander-in-chief?   

 One could feel quite badly for all the TM movement’s people out working now to 
organize the group practices of collective meditation.  And, what does he and 
those rich people who have access around him at that level know about group 
meditation? That high polloi don’t even come to the Dome to meditate.   

---In, <hepa7@...> wrote :


 Dear Rajas, Mothers of the Domain, and National Directors,
The message is: Maximize group Yogic Flying numbers now! The time is very 
delicate for the next weeks.
World Peace Assemblies. Group Yogic Flying in the Transcendental Meditation 
Centres. Everyone lift off at the same time, even if at home.
Click HERE to download the 
Maharishi’s Global Super Radiance Programme Chart.
Dr Eckart Stein and Dr Lila Maria Hartmann-Stein organized a call with 
Maharaja-ji [TM-liikkeen libanonilaissyntyinen johtaja, Tony (Abu-)Nader, MD, 
PhD] to inspire the leaders of Germany. They informed Maharaja-ji that the 
German Sidhas are gathering as a matter or [of??] urgency in Oebisfelde 
Maharishi Peace Palace for group Yogic Flying for the nation and the world.

Maharaja-ji said:
‘This is wonderful that these assemblies keep happening. And the Movement in 
Germany has all the knowledge and expertise to assemble the strength and the 
forces to create a beautiful result for the nation and for the world. …
‘In this situation we look inside: inside of us for every individual and inside 
for all the nation, coming together, creating coherence, and then we know the 
Meissner Effect and we know when there is great coherence, no impurities can 
disturb. …
‘What we can do is come together as much as possible, this is the greatest 
strength, but if not, as a second choice, we try to fly at the same time. Even 
if we are far apart, since the effect is non local, there can be a great 
coherence created by coordinating flying together at the same time.’
So please every Raja and National Director, if you have not already done so, 
call all your Sidhas to practise group Yogic Flying, for the sake of securing 
powerful harmony and peace for your nations and the world. It is so important 
right now.




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