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   I "got it," Bhairitu. 

 Nope, because....
 It's just weird to say that every member of FFL thinks TM is the center of the 

 I didn't say that every member of FFL thinks TM is the center of the universe. 
You implied it by dividing people into those who don't care about TM and would 
therefore have no interest in FFL with the "small group" who think TM is the 
center of the universe and therefore presumably would have an interest in FFL. 
If that isn't what you meant, it was sloppy writing. 
 That isn't even true of all the regular posters, let alone the members of the 
larger membership.

 So it's true of all or some of the "irregular" posters?  It's obvious the 
larger membership doesn't think that TM is the center of the universe. The 
"irregular" posters are members of the larger membership, obviously. 
 And BTW, it's an extremely weak comeback to tell someone who is disagreeing 
with you that they "didn't get it." You do that frequently, instead of 
addressing the disagreement (or just agreeing to disagree). It's a big fat 

 You certainly didn't "get it" as I indicated above. You went off on a tangent. 
 Zombie Hillary been eating your brain again? What the heck does Hillary have 
to do with this discussion (speaking of tangents)? Are thoughts of Evil Hillary 
disrupting your focus on the the conversation?
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 No, it's not a weird thing to say.  It's the obvious but I don't think you got 
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   What a weird thing to say.
 Right, a small group of around 1,600, including yourself. 



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 Plus all the thousands who learned TM years ago, thought it was just a bit of 
a relaxation technique and have little interest in people still interested in 
TM or who used to be interested.  They could care less about a Yahoo Group like 
this.  But there is a small group who still think that TM is the center of the 
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   The disaffected is probably in the hundreds or even thousands by now: banned 
and shunned. Why else would anyone want to subscribe to a group like thus? But, 
there is a strange silence from the current campus student population. Maybe 
they are scared.
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 Don't know. Is there more than one FFL moderator? Right.

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 So, how many have been banned from the Dome? Apparently none of the FFL 
moderators are in good standing with the TM Org. One was actually banned, right?
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 Wrong! I was an active poster to FFL and have not been banned from Dome, MUM 
campus, etc.
 ananda_das_gupta <no_re...@yahoogroups.com> mailto:no_re...@yahoogroups.com 

 So, you called them on their "shit" and you are an adult. And, there are no 
victims from banning and shunning at the MUM campus. It's a matter of personal 
choice, to get banned from the Dome. I would suppose that everyone posting to 
FFL has been banned from the MUM campus, right?

 So, why is Doug, the moderator, so upset? 
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 FFL2 is very much active, if you care to join and post there. The ones who 
caused so much trouble here went to FFL2, until they got called on their shit, 
and made tracks, willingly. We are all adults here, making our own decisions. 
There aren't any victims. Those who have chosen to exclude themselves did it by 
choice, without any prompting. As for those booted from FFL for inadequate 
social skills, live and learn. 
 So, howz about some of that "controversial spirituality" from you, huh? Let's 
see how much you are banned, shunned, stalked and harassed after sharing 
it...but I won't be holding my breath. Your fantasy doesn't hold up. 
 There are mostly those who get along in the world, and there are a few fuck 
ups. The fuck ups unfortunately leak their garbage onto others, and for that 
reason are not welcome here. Get it? Could be a site about *shoes* and the same 
rules apply.
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 One of the other FFL moderators created a "free speech" zone on Yahoo Groups, 
but, it looks like they were shut down by cyber stalkers, following them around 
on the internet. 

 Kicked out of the Dome and banned from campus - shunned. Banned from FFL and 
stalked. This just doesn't appear to be much of a spiritual group. Now that's 
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 Well, at least FFL and Doug aren't like The Corner where there is a bouncer at 
the door with a prepared list of those who can't even get in the room. Talk 
about censorship and lack of free speech. In addition, you can't even read 
anything there unless you are on the list of approved individuals. And the guy 
who started that forum and those who are in attendance were the ones giving 
Doug a hard time about the lack of free speech at FFL. Too ironic to be 
believed. Luckily, since I know everyone over there and have heard what they 
have to say about a hundred times I'm not remotely interested in getting 
admitted. Some things just don't get better with age.
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 In Doug's defense, not one person has *ever* been banned from FFL for not 
meeting his definition of "spiritual".
 The reason a few were banned, is that they lacked basic social skills, and 
were more interested in being a pain in the ass, vs. contributing anything of 
substance. Had nothing to do with content, and everything to do with not 
playing well with others, due to immaturity, a lack of manners, and no 
 Perhaps you could quit making shit up? Thanks in advance...///////
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 What you may not realize is that the way you're running this discussion forum 
is just like they run the Dome - banning and shunning people that don't meet 
your definition of spiritual.
 You're obviously selling TM and using your position as FFL moderator to 
enforce guidelines "as a primary retributive tool to discipline a sales force."
 Maybe you could set us straight by answering a few questions.
 What is your exact position, if any, with MUM?
 Are you a re-certified TM teacher in good standing with the TM Org?
 Did you graduate from the university, and if not, why not?
 Sometimes, you seem to be posting under various aliases. Why is that?
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 This kind of thing is just bad irony and publicity for what is going on here.  
 It is plenty past time to just go and gut the Dome guidelines of the 
‘non-compete’ clauses particularly around the practice of jyotish.  Fairfield 
is full of people secretly promoting and practicing jyotish and giving 
readings.   Every time the Weekly Reader boldly publishes astrology from David 
Hawthorne it is a reminder of how he and his family in moving to Fairfield to 
be part of something larger were ridiculously judged and screwed by the 
movement. This is just plain bad for the energetics of the community here.  
 Everyone gets the irony of going to Pat Hayward for consultation too.  
Everyone at all levels of the ™ movement does it.  
 It is quite time to stop using the Dome badge guidelines as weapon-ry against 
the community.  IThis has been Self-destructive all along.  The Dome badge 
guidelines need to be made much simpler to what it simply takes to run a group 
meditation and stop using the Dome badge guidelines as a primary retributive 
tool to discipline a sales force; let administration of a sales force of the 
re-cert TM teachers be the particular dealings of an HR or legal departments 
for the teaching side [Maharishi Foundation] of the movement.  
 It is time to damn and dump those ‘non-compete’ clauses around the practice of 


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