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> Interesting stuff. It occurs to me that you are so comfortable with 
> this means of expression that you were probably Indian very recently.

Besides the Sanskrit, Telegu language bhajans hold a particular sweetness.
Many Telegu devotees have said the same.

Sri Swamiji provides a very easy method to learn these bhajans and prayers.

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> > Greatness of Nada
> > 
> > Bhakti is the simplest of all the ways for the realisation of the 
> Truth. Saints and sages have 
> > preached the path of Bhakti. Even Adi Shankara advocated this path 
> to the seekers because 
> > He found out that the path of Bhakti is easier than the path of 
> Knowledge.
> > 
> > Bhakti Marga makes use of Nada or Sound. The entire universe is 
> immersed in Nada. There 
> > is Nada in everything around us. The birds, the wind, the rains, 
> and even the buses plying 
> > the roads create Nada. There can be no movement without Nada. 
> There is nothing which is 
> > free form the influence of Nada. The Lord Brahman created the 
> Universe out of Nada. The 
> > supreme destroyer Maheshwara performs the Tandava with Nada. The 
> saints have been 
> > bringing light to the multitudes from time immemorial by singing 
> songs in praise of God. 
> > Tumburu and Narada in ancient times, Meerabai, Surdas, Thyagaraja, 
> Purandaradasa, 
> > Chaitanya, Paramahamsa, Nanak and Kabir in recent times have all 
> carried the Light Divine 
> > on the vehicle of Nada. Their messages have withstood the test of 
> time and the songs 
> > composed by them have been sung from generation to generation. 
> Bhakti and Nada 
> > cannot be separated from each other.
> > 
> > The seven Swaras, the seventy-two Melakartas and the numerous 
> Shrutis are the 
> > component manifestations of Nada. From them are born the Ragas and 
> Raginis. The Ragsa 
> > and Taginis are not mere combinations of notes. Each is a Devata 
> or Devi, endowed with 
> > certain specific gunas and powers.
> > 
> > It is said that Tansen could light the lamps by singing a 
> particular Raga and that it resulted 
> > in the temperature of his body rising as if a fire were burning in 
> him it is also known that 
> > his body fires were quenched by a cloud-burst induced by another 
> Raga. These are not 
> > just cock-and-bull stories. The Ragas have not lost their power.
> > 
> > Once a well known vocalist was to give a public performance. To 
> his utter dismay he found 
> > that his throat had gone hoarse. He came to Swamiji and told Him 
> of his predicament. 
> > Swamiji told him not to worry but to begin his performance with a 
> particular Raga which 
> > has the quality of clearing a sore throat. He followed Swamijiƍs 
> advice and could give his 
> > performance with ease. Singing a particular Raga with full 
> devotion provides all the 
> > accompaniments of various instruments.
> > 
> > Our Ragas and Raginis are endowed with immense power. Sadhana on 
> the right lines 
> > brings about beneficial results, whereas an improper understanding 
> and non-appreciation 
> > of the qualities of the Ragas can lead to disastrous consequences.
> > 
> > There is an intimate relationship between music and God. This 
> relationship is established 
> > only when Nada is approached with reverence and devotion. Pursuit 
> of music in this way is 
> > Nadopasana which is distinct from music for mere enjoyment and 
> recreation. Music 
> > charged with devotion brings one closer to God and that itself is 
> Nadopasana.
> > 
> > Jaya Guru Datta
> >

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