Latest: Pence says she's not going to attend. 

 The whole thing was a matter of Trump letting himself be baited by Hillary's 
debate invitation to billionaire and noted anti-Trump troll Mark Cuban. Trump 
never actually intended to invite her; he isn't quite *that* crazy. It was just 
a silly threat. It seems Flowers heard him say he'd invite her, and she 
promptly responded that she'd be there.



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 Actually, I believe he said he was going to invite Gennifer Flowers to attend 
the debate as his guest (and have her sit in the front row), not that she 
should be one of the moderators. He then did invite her, and reportedly she 



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 I might be in the Feste camp.  I don't know if I can bear to watch it.

 I'm totally with you. I heard today on CNN that Drumpf is saying that Jennifer 
Flowers should be one of the moderators. So, you can see how this thing is 
going to go...

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 Only one more day to go. For those of you who can't bear to watch live (me 
included) hopefully this will give you some solace. 

 Clinton hunkers down for debate prep
 Clinton hunkers down for debate prep 
Hillary Clinton is preparing for Monday's debate at a hotel near her home in 
Chappaqua, New York, according to sources familiar with the preparations.

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 Dear God, may Trump fall flat on his ugly mug. Is there a God? (See Doug, we 
are a spiritual group.) We will find out after the debate. LOL


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