Yes, the great sage Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spoke to some of this development 
back in the 20th Century.  There is at least one lecture on the 500 hours of 
MMY lectures thumb drive where he speaks of this aspect of spiritual 

Recently someone reading this particular thread here on FFL handed me an audio 
CD of MMY with a lecture about this.  The composite of both the thumb drive and 
CD would make a good transcript on the subject. 

---In, <> wrote : is the vagus or tenth cranial nerve that is the most receptive to this 
solar fire or energy, the spiritual fire coming down, the fire of the 
macrocosm. This fire energizes humans and uses them to express the qualities of 
love and wisdom. There also is a fire by friction in the center of the earth 
called the kundalini fire. The human is the focal point of these two fires or 
forces which play through him and activate his seven centers of light. The 
kundalini is a negatively charged energy which is activated by the positively 
charged energy, the spiritual fire, which is located in the central spiritual 
 It is said that at a propitious time kundalini hears the call of her mate and 
rises from her cave in the base of the human spine to meet him. The kundalini 
fire is aroused as a final step in one's spiritual development, and it can only 
travel up a clear, pure channel, activating the chakras as it goes. While this 
is happening, the latent powers within one are also coming into full expression 
in a natural way. It is the way that one through many rebirths, and now rapidly 
through meditation, moves from mortality to immortality. [excerpt]
 FFL 419964 A Biography of Charlie Lutes and Helen Lutes:



---In, <> wrote :

 Once I heard M directly telling the classical analogy of these energies 
circulating in the energy centers of the nervous system. The classical analogy a snake circulating with its tail in its mouth, circulating through the 
energy centers, and his comment that Transcendental Meditation is what takes 
the tail out of the snake’s mouth and then allows the snake to circulate 
freely. I directly heard him saying this one time on a course in Switzerland 
and then sometime later that year while I was back in the USA teaching then 
hearing someone recount Maharishi as saying (as if literally) ‘there is a snake 
in the spine’, etc.  Jeez people!  
 I feel he stopped publicly talking about these aspects of embodiment of the 
primordial in the light body of the human being as it was too distracting for 
where a lot of people were at and where the  development of science was at in 
that time such that science then could not back up what is the spiritual 

 Obviously the instrumentation is not yet there to image this and put a handle 
on it.  That sort of technological imaging in science research proly will catch 
up with spirituality in time.     



---In, <> wrote :

 Yes, as breath is also intimate to the heart and subtle system it seems that 
working on alignment of these subtle energy systems of the spiritual nervous 
system is a lot of where so many of the meditating community have gone on to.  
 I have been going to these planning meetings with various movement people and 
it is pretty clear that some of those still narrowly vested in the strict ™ 
consciousness paradigm  don’t really get where people have gone in their 
spiritual experience.  More recently with the opening up of mental health 
policy inside TM, some clinical thinkers are moving to the direction of 
‘integral’ medicine but that only goes to incorporating cognitive modality as 
their means of getting to the heart of spiritual problems.  That is okay as one 
modality. The communal satsang of the old meditating community evidently has 
cultivated other experience with it.      


---In, <> wrote :

 I am predicting that breath, or prana will at some point, become a focus of 
western medicine. Probably before interest in something like energy centers 
takes hold. 
 The Upanishads, in particular, talk about the different breaths, and the 
functions they perform.  Breath may be something people can understand better 
than say, chakras. 

 Another area which has little or no public awareness is that of sexual energy, 
and how it pertains to overall health and mental acuity, at least as I see it.

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 M stopped talking much about it publicly at points when faced with an 
intellectual skepticism about these energy centers:  ‘Thin lines of energy 
flowing in the central nervous system? ’ ..'Where exactly?'  

 Comparing to the science then at that time growing on 'consciousness' defined 
by meditation then to also describe and defend a subtle system which science 
has yet to be able to even image would be daunting at best given where people 
and science was at in time.  But clearly it was where he was going in his 
teachings and methods even to his last techniques in marma, vibrational 
modalities and the Ved and Physiology practice.  The guy was a visionary, sage, 
empiricist and necessarily practical going forward. We don't have so much 
guidance coming out of TM about it other than ideas of stress release and 
meditation checking so people over the years have also gone on in their 

---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 Yes, thanks for the reply.  I do believe that spiritual development is a 
tricky endeavor, and that complications can arise, either due to an awakening 
of kundalini, or just an expanding of awareness.  I suppose it is helpful to 
have a support network to help sort things out, and lend a helping hand if 

 Of course, like anything, you can carried away by too much analysis, which can 
lead to mood making and other weird diversions .  Always difficult to find the 
right balance.

 Still sorting that out in my own life 

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Yep, regardless of which meditation or spiritual practice some people can have 
trouble with kundalini flow (subtle energy centers) as their spirituality comes 
on or grows.  Evidently it is not by meditation necessarily but also occurs 
separately for some various people as kundalini development in the central 
subtle nervous system. Able to surface at any point as the spiritual system may 
grow, sometimes in the new spiritual aspirant or in long practiced or 
cultivated people.  This as its own continuum is different from the 
consciousness ‘awakening’ continuum that gets focused on in the TM community or 
at Rick’s batgap, but can have its own development to talk about on continuum 
different than consciousness development.
 In satsang around Fairfield, Iowa people can surface periodically with 
troubles in the flow of their Kundalini subtle system.  This is particularly 
different than say psychological breaks like bi-polar and such.  
 It was not something we were much guided in but there is a cohort of intuitive 
people and experienced people round who can be helpful to folks whose subtle 
systems are in rough times and not integrated enough in some ways to be easier 
with being a conduit for evidently more primordial energy referred to as 
kundalini, or the holy-ghost in x-ianity.  It can be a topic of conversation 
around Fairfield on different levels.          


---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 an particulars in this regard?

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 In TM we did not get much guidance on this but those are interesting sutras to 
 My wife in community working as an RN, being intuitive, and being an old 
meditation teacher has been running into some people who are amidst some 
openings of kundalini. That has its spiritual reality for some people which in 
some ways is also physiologic to the human psycho-spiritual system. . 
 Card’s sequence of sutras as energy centers that are in the YS may well be 
relevant. Also it seems was where Maharishi was going with his last technique, 
the Ved and Physiology technique. The sutras like that Ved and Physiology 
process can be handy to energetically reference;  along with some kind of 
mindful intent like these kind of directives in the yoga sutras in checking of 
the flow for some people in their mists and rough with it all.  Some things 
sort of like in point 30 of the old checking notes, if you remember those. 

 Going to these YS chapters and verse are like going back to reading my tractor 
repair manual for figuring out my tractor’s ignition system that just went 
haywire. 10th cranial nerve?  Sometimes you just have to go sit and attend to 
it under a shade tree.  But figure it out also by going to an old tractor 
mechanic who has more experience with it.           


ultrarishi offers: You might be interested in the work of Stephen Porges and 
his Polyvagal Theory.

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :


 "..the physiological counterpart of kuurma-naaDii might well be the vagus 
nerve, which is the main parasympathetic nerve,"


 In the human, who is the highest expression of God on earth, it is the vagus 
or tenth cranial nerve that is the most receptive to this solar fire or energy, 
the spiritual fire coming down, the fire of the macrocosm. This fire energizes 
humans and uses them to express the qualities of love and wisdom.
 =Charlie Lutes

---In, <hepa7@...> wrote :


 Number 5, at least in my set (English: BT?), is the one that seems to 
correspond YS III 31:

 kuurma-naaDyaaM* sthairyam.

 Some translations:

 kUrmanaaDyaaM sthairyam
Calmness Is Attained By Samyama On The Bronchial Tube.
 [IT]: (32):
 (By performing Samyama) on the Kurma-nadi steadiness.
On the tortoise duct (tortoise), steadiness.
From perfect discipline of the “tortoise vein,” one’s being becomes steady.
 [SS]: (32):
 By samyama on the kurma nadi (a subtle tortoise-shaped tube located below the 
throat), motionless in the meditative posture is achieved.
(32) By making samyama on the tube within the chest, one acquires absolute 
 [SV]: (32):
 On the nerve called Kurma (comes) fixity of the body.
 I used to think that the "oiling" of joints, less tight muscles and harder 
*rections after doing siddhis was mainly due to flying, but now it seems to me 
the main culprit might well be actually the BT above, after doing it a couple 
of times in isolation, or whatever.
 It seems to me the physiological counterpart of kuurma-naaDii might well be 
the vagus nerve, which is the main parasympathetic nerve, I believe. Wiki:
  The parasympathetic system is responsible for stimulation of 
"rest-and-digest" or "feed and breed"[2] 
activities that occur when the body is at rest, especially after eating, 
including sexual arousal, 
salivation, lacrimation (tears), urination, digestion and defecation Its action is described as being 
complementary to that of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible 
for stimulating activities associated with the fight-or-flight response

  (Sorry for my inaccurate wording. As I've told before, I'm a "grammarian", 
certainly not a "semantician"!)

 * locative (in, at, on, into, etc) singular from naaDii


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