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 excerpts from a FF coffee haus satsang.. 

 " ..but this is where we are at right now.  We have an entire environment 
right now that is in such wildly varied levels of understanding and 
comprehension of this stuff.  Because of all kinds of questionable reasons, the 
whole thing of computers that, ‘it is okay that anything goes’.  
 That just because we can do it therefore we should, we should and nothing 
 That has its own repercussions and one of the repercussions, like it or not, 
are hell states.  
 There are hell states.   If you don’t discern, if it only goes to being 
debased then it is not healthy and then you get to learn from that.  It is an 
option.  Some people can’t take notes.  They just aren’t able.  Then they get 
to do hell-states and maybe they’ll learn from hell-states."
 "..I do deal with so many people that are gravely ill, either mentally or 
physically,It does happen and it is just part of our human journey.  The next 
time we take a body it could be very different, but this is where we are at 
right now. " 


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 Of The Electronic of Postmodern, "..I have just worked with a string of these. 
 I can’t prove it but my feeling is that it is that these situations got 
debased.  That there are parts of them that knew this was wrong, it was going 
in a bad way, and in cases people kill themselves to get out of it.  They may 
come back and have to deal with it, but these are like spiritually desperate 
acts getting so far that they take their own life out of instability, out of 
this debased state. I have grave concerns that some will make it who have the 
same propensity.  Absolute computer addicts.  The parents may be sweet and 
loving people but incapable of dealing with the problem.  They do the best they 
can.  The need is to stop the computer, turn that sucker off, the need is to go 
outside, take them to camp, take them out in the mountains.  Of course, because 
they are addicts they become frantic because that is their drug, their drug of 
choice." -FF Coffee Haus Satsang of Awakening People

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 Yep, that shit is insidious. Once you start believing it, the ego can co-opt 
quite a story from anxieties, etc. Just stay in the body, not so much in the 
head, and live moment by moment. Negative perspectives are often a reflection 
of the state of the body and the mind. They can almost appear real if you let 
them. "Know thyself".
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 The postmodern 'Social Problem'..
 Example even on FFL:
 "I don't know about the rest of you but I am very nervous to watch the first 

 Postmodernism is largely a reaction to the assumed certainty of scientific, or 
objective, efforts to explain reality.

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 In the astral sheath of the yogic body what happens when they (these 
agitations) become problematic you may feel them in your body, your shoulders, 
the pit of your stomach, wherever they are. It is because they are beginning to 
make you sick, they are beginning to move in and making you sick.  -FF Coffee 
Haus Satsang of Commonly Awakening People
 Q: ..mundane stuff that gets trolled here aside, what do you feel about the 
spiritual agitation in the body electorate and how it seems to get manipulated 
one way or another in this post-modern age of the electron?  Just wondering. 
 Ollie writes in 430768:[
 Yeah, it is a curious problem these days, with tech providing us with 
'super-powers', yet we still struggle to rise to the consciousness that will 
make tech less disruptive, and more supportive of solutions. 

 Right now, there is kind of a giddyness globally, about each of us being 
empowered for expression, through social media and media in general. Having 
instant access to so much of the world, and being able to influence it, is not 
something we have been rigged for historically, and it is stirring up 
everything, all values, and ways of acting, interacting, and reacting, as we 
find our way through this infinitely connected world, and learn how to adjust 
to it. 

 Although the media tsunami provides vastly more input to our senses, and 
questions more and more of what we experienced as a solid world previously, the 
challenge remains the same, to maintain and nurture our spiritual life in the 
face of whatever goes on around us, and do our best to adapt and thrive in this 
new world.

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 "So then what happens in the emotional fields of the subtle system astrality 
is if that (agitation) persists then one, it is debasing; it, two, also starts 
to impact because the emotional body is so close, we could say, it in such an 
intimate relationship to the physical body, then the angry thoughts, the 
charging and a directing, the emotionality of the astrality gets potentized by 
the angry thoughts, the bitterness, the doubts, the self-loathing, whatever it 
is, and it starts activating this emotional material and starts impacting the 
DNA, it starts impacting the entire expression of the physical body and that is 
when you get sick." -Satsang Fairfield


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 “..Being compassionate about all this makes it very interesting.  It makes you 
feel for them. The spiritually disorganized.  One can do a lot of praying for 
them, ask “Help, please! This is big”.  “Here is an angel level situation here, 
could you come and help right now!”  And, angels are great. They are just 
waiting for stuff to do.  Angels are ever ready, ready to rock and roll.  But, 
they have to be asked, this here is a free-will zone.  They won’t, can’t do 
stuff unless asked.  So, you got to ask them.  If you ask them, “..this is 
beyond my understanding I need your help”.  Not just ‘I need your help’, but 
when. “I need your help now.”   When?  “I need your help now. In the name of 
the highest good I need your help now.”  It feels pretty good. It is such an 
 -FF Coffee Haus Satsang of Commonly Awakening People 


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 It seems not uncommon to run into friends and associates who are suffering
in agitation by the media of current events.  Suffering even to a point of 
 Seen even on FFL..
 I can’t help it, I’m obsessed at this point!
  ..I am also obsessed and as much as I want to stop watching the news and 
listening to the radio and reading articles I can't and it is driving me crazy. 
I start to talk to my husband about some latest news regarding the election and 
he says he doesn't want to talk about it, he wants to stop thinking about it 
all the time but then I come home from work and he has CNN on while he's 
cooking. He can't stop either! I am thinking I will be having serious 
withdrawals once this whole crazy season is over.

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 The Fairfield, Iowa spiritual satsanga observes what with the collective 
agitation in politics, the world, and media, the grounding or calming 
recommendation is:  
 “..keep our core steady with spiritual practices, being engaged with good 
works and good people, keeping our focus there.”  

 Around a table, one person offered in conversation, “I wake up and I have 
anxiety, I have nameless fears. Feelings of impending doom; but then I meditate 
and do energy work on myself and those feelings go away.”  

 Another comments that, “..alignment is a native state, and relates to how you 
feel.  It is you.  It is how you feel.  Contribute one person at a time to the 
collective.  It would not take much to make profound integrated changes”.  

 Another observes:  “..the younger generations, X,Y, and Millennials and those 
being borne in now, their burden is less, their design is different, expansive, 
beautiful, expanded that is a felt thing in the group.  A felt thing that is 
the light-body that you feel.  It is a feeling.  Realms of ‘States’ of 
consciousness are different.  The integrated state though is who you are, it is 
the aspect of you, that is peaceful and strong.  That state is ‘The Thousand 
Names’..  This is the actual politics of the Self.  Not looking at others but 
yourself within a group  The group depends upon the parts.  The potential of a 
world view is not just philosophical but it is a felt reality.   

 Another observes: Trump by contrast is as an asura, he activates a paradigm 
that is dying, a process that is going out.  It is a paradigm that is of 
unhealthy people with personality disorder, people in terrible health, people 
in terrible physical and mental health with inherent flaw.  Lash out and they 
are down is all they have.  They are not enduring. The collective is not being 
served by this agitation.  Power is for change, the one who upholds dharma . 
There is an energy for change.”
 -The Fairfield, Iowa Satsang of 'Commonly Awakening Ordinary People'  


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 Postmodern mental and emotional commotion..

 Vritti, literally "whirlpool", is a technical term in yoga meant to indicate 
that the contents of mental awareness are disturbances in the medium of 

 ..There are bodies, energy sheaths in the human system. They are called kosha. 
This is in ayurveda.  There are these sheaths and they have jobs.  They carry 
certain types of energies..  The astral body carries raw emotional energy.  
This is unfiltered emotional energy. In a healthy and robust energy body 
emotions are processed and moved through, they are not held on to.  The motion 
in E-motion.  They move through.  We are meant to have them. They are part of 
being human.  All of them, but the thing is not to live with them, like let 
them take over.  We are meant to feel joy, we are meant to feel sorrow.  We are 
meant to feel anger, we are meant to feel happiness.  These are all things we 
are meant to feel as emotion, but again it is not meant to be where we live, or 
where they dominate the life.   -FF

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 "What happens in astrality, [the astral body/system of the human being] the 
astral sheath, and again my understanding (experience) might not be perfect but 
it seems to be part of this is that it seems to be the astrality can have this 
incredible burden of emotionality, this emotional material that is not being 
processed so it is bombarding the physical body and it is bombarding the mind, 
the mental field.  All this emotional pressure colors the mind, so the mind 
instead of being more of an effective tool in life of accomplishing things, it 
is meant to be more subservient. Instead the mind ends up getting colored by 
all these emotions that burden the mind, so you end up with a mind being beset 
by anger, beset by bitterness, bitter thoughts, angry thoughts, an angry mind: 
so you become burdened by them."


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 Q: spiritual practice?
 “..So in the subtle system, a beauty of subtle energy work [spiritual 
practices] is that it is so unequivocally divine. In a way it is giving the 
system an opportunity for that moment, and then again for this moment all they 
have to do is go back to it. But in that moment you are resetting it. In that 
moment you hope that they notice it. In that moment you hope that they get some 
relief, some kind of something happens where they have a moment of reflection 
for themselves, their experience and for their condition and what is 
contributing to it.”  --FF


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 Q:With some awareness you could use all the Maharishi programs to actually 
remove chaos?
 A: Absolutely, if it is understood that way. 
 Q:  In behavior and ethics, what is good and what is bad action relative to, 
does behavior help base an energy system or where does behavior debase it, 
 A: What is sinful and what is righteous spiritually come down to cultural 
norms that have to do with helping people maintain their energy system.
 -The Fairfield, Iowa Satsang of 'Commonly Awakening Ordinary People' 


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 A: "This really comes down to physics because either behavior and practices 
raise the vibrational rate or lowers it.  That should be the criterion, it is 
not that you are evil, it is just if it is becoming lower vibration or higher 
vibration. Is the energy system more durable or not?" -FF 

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 Interestingly, in modern mental health practice even the AMA has become more 
integrative in its best practices including prescriptive recommendations for a 
balance of meditation along with counseling, allopathic medical, and healthy 
conscious eating and circadian active living in remedy. The total person.   The 
TM movement’s mental health policy was likewise brought up recently to be 
science-based integrative too.  Was remarkable to see this grasped by the new 
TM movement and brought into modern TM movement policy incorporating the range 
of best practices. Culture and policy changes intertwined in time.. 

Mental Illness and Treatment 



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 Yes, I see your point. However, I don't think that being ignorant of oneself 
is much different, be it astrally, divinely, emotionally, etc. I do agree that 
straight up psychotherapy is useful sometimes to unravel the stories people 
build in their heads. A lot of magical thinking or at least a naively 
uncritical view of one's life happens with too much meditation. As a friend 
observed, the cloth doesn't fade if left in the dye, it rots. The other thing 
is to not buy too heavily into the idea that we are separate individuals, 
because at the end of the day, we discover we are not, and this points in the 
direction of bringing fulfillment to such desires as helping those so afflicted 
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 Your particular observation here and caution is quite fair. For instance, Guru 
Dev (Brahmananda Saraswati in his 
 talked about it, Yogananda discerned it in his writings, David Hawkins used to 
advocate that people avoid what he called, the ‘astral circus‘ of realms of 
spirits, voices and such spiritism for their own safety.  

 But the spiritual mechanism as reference here (an unfiltered technology 
revolution in this case) of modernism in destabilized debased (astral) systems, 
which these spiritual people are observing from their work with people, is 
technical and more to the equivalent of organs of the physiology of the human 
spiritual being.  In organs of experiencing, more to the apparatus of the 
emotional fields of being human, fields as sheath, something like an electro 
chemical aspect of the physical body where it may have dents or snags in its 
flow from life being lived that can effect life in the body and ones health.  

 Popular psychology and teachers it seems are more commonly using the term 
‘shadow’ or ‘shadows’ in reference to it. This is where some categories of 
yogic practices and modern mental health therapeutic practices possibly adjunct 
to and more than just meditating, can come into being helpful in understanding 
and practical or hands-on remediation.  This evidently is some peoples 
observation and experience with it.  These people as you can read down further 
into this thread are putting their fingers on what they are describing as 
commoted, agitated, and even debased features in the system of experience that 
is human being.  ..descriptive of something evidently ongoing. Empiricism and 
Science may catch up to the observation in time as they can can come to measure 


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 non-attachment is an overused concept, but if thought of impersonally, it is 
the only way we can exist both free, and aware of the astral spectrum. Built 
in, not added on. Otherwise, if we indiscriminately use our ability to access 
the astral realms, we can be led astray by the many entities there. I don't say 
this as something to be afraid of, but it is a possibility, until 
non-attachment is steadfast, and the divine reigns. There are three worlds, 
each more refined than the next - material, astral, and divine. The last one 
uses the refined perception that allows the astral in, but the baggage has been 
resolved. Fundamentally, we are material beings, that is our most obvious form, 
yet a familiarity, though not necessarily a preference for the astral realm is 
necessary for a full picture of life, as is the divine.
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 Q:  “Held in the Astrality”  What do you mean, ‘held in the astral’?…   
 A: ..‘De-based’.  Debasing because of an injury, or a separation or shock, 
exacerbated by influence, it is held in the astral.  There are bodies, energy 
sheaths in the system. They are called kosha. This is in ayurveda.  There are 
these sheaths and they have jobs.  They carry certain types of energies..  The 
astral body carries raw emotional energy.  This is unfiltered emotional energy. 
In a healthy and robust energy body emotions are processed and moved through, 
they are not held on to.  The motion in E-motion.  They move through.  We are 
meant to have them. They are part of being human.  All of them, but the thing 
is not to live with them, like let them take over.  We are meant to feel joy, 
we are meant to feel sorrow.  We are meant to feel anger, we are meant to feel 
happiness.  These are all things we are meant to feel as emotion, but again it 
is not meant to be where we live, or where they dominate the life.   -FF


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 Within the spiritual energetics of postmodern technology:
 “..But it is a tall order. There is so little spiritual support yet in the 
environment and certainly because there is so little of it in the realm of 
where they are looking. If one is looking into bestiality, if you are looking 
into violence, if you are looking into bloodlust, if you are looking into 
bodily-lust, then you are going to find anything there that is redeeming? The 
seven deadly sins are the things they are feeding. Lust, envy, jealousy, rage, 
avarice. Fascinating but it isn't very interesting to me. Fortunately most of 
the time when I am working on people who do have spiritual orientation it is 
amazing what this energetic does in people. Because you can access spiritual 
people and find their heart, you can easily find the heart in someone who who 
is obsessed with all this astrality whose chakras are so compromised. 
Karunamayi used to call it 'dust'. That is generous, I would call it the 
garbage yard. It is like all this crap buried in the energetic system. -FF


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 It is interesting. Fairfield, Iowa is full of cultivated long time spiritual 
practitioners, folks who have been aware and consciously disciplined in 
cultivating an inner life, many folks for three, four, five and some for six 
decades.  The satsang here by this experience is fabulously insightful when you 
ask around and sit with it. I have simply taken some time in transcribing it as 
I hear it.   

 This last summer something that I thought was noteworthy in the conversation 
was how observations here collectively correlated with other awakened folks 
outside of Fairfield.  As you read down through these transcriptions they come 
as excerpt from longer conversation with different folks who are speaking to 
the topic from the the perspective of their experience.  Satsang, spiritual 
conversation, it seems is everywhere one goes in Fairfield. It is a type of 
critique of things which seems timely. 

 Science might possibly catch up to describing it too as postmodernism in 
effect. A fair consideration. 


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 I don't get it - Is this an observation, a proclamation, a warning, what is 
it? I don't understand the attention this one facet of life is getting, as if 
it is something that needs attention. It sounds like the speaker is implying 
something outside their self be fixed to their satisfaction, and, "something 
must be done". That's how I am reading it...with a, "physician, heal thyself", 
recommendation, as a reasonable response. 
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"Usually for most of us mere mortals it seems to be sort of a graduated 
evolutionary process that allows for these higher vibrational values to keep 
going. When you have in place and you have in play in this other agitated realm 
what you have is phenomenally bad, I am saying bad because of the suffering it 
causes, people who are just degrading themselves, just being degraded and 
degrading themselves actively going after it without any real conscious 
understanding of the implications of it where there is an inner innocence, 
where ignorance is an innocence too. In innocence they are just doing it 
because it is available because it has some stimulating effect in various ways 
and yet they have no idea of the implications of what the repercussions of it 
are and what it does to their energy systems." -from the Fairfield, Iowa 
Satsang of 'ordinary awakening people'.

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 I am not criticizing them personally. When I said they must be mood-making, it 
was because of the suggestion from your quote that the Internet, or 'smart 
phones' or something in that direction, was making it more difficult for 
spirituality to exist (I am paraphrasing). My point was that inner silence, 
once cultivated, doesn't go away, or get lessened. The idea that spirituality 
is fragile and needs coddling is completely wrong, imo. It is activity and 
challenge that stabilizes silence, by whatever means - dipping the fabric, and 
then out in the sun. 

As for a suggestion that time on a smart phone or laptop may be better spent 
meditating, or doing something else, that is a judgment call for each of us. 
There will never be a prescription on how to live our lives, leading to 
spiritual fulfillment. It is up to each of us to innocently continue a regular 
program of effortless meditation, morning and evening, and the rest will take 
care of itself. No spiritual supplements necessary, nor is there anything to be 
fearful of that will impede our progress.
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 Actually th

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