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  'decline of global sattva?'. Yes, it can seem that way these days, because it 
is easier to feel resistance, which shrinks one's apparent world; less 
satisfying. However, as a wise man said, 'take it easy, take it as it comes'. 


 Globally, we are in a period of rising sattva, but it must be integrated at 
each step of our journey. Light doesn't conquer darkness, it removes it, and it 
removes it by knowing through every photon, its identity, and differentiation 
from darkness. Just Being - no resistance necessary. The light just acts as 
itself, and removes the darkness. 


 So the resistance within can create the illusion of a less satisfying reality 
these days, feeling closed in, but it is only a lesson plan to move forward, 
through acceptance and integration.


 dfbear writes :

 Agreed, and it's taking place in group consciousness also, which is why you 
see a lot of large shadows moving these days. Brighter light, more distinct 
shadows = more conscious.


 fleetwood_macncheese wrote :

 Exactly. The polarization also makes the choice, contraction or expansion, 



 A Phase Transition?  To an ongoing spiritual condition of fear where human 
beings are running always afraid of what next the computer might be used to 
hack in to their life.  (The Postmodern Age of AI Uncertainty)

 “Postmodernism is largely a reaction to the assumed certainty of scientific, 
or objective efforts to explain reality.”

 As Hawkins’ map of consciousness also shows 
 science correlates that cultivation of meditation “improves moral reasoning”.  
 In signs of the times, a First Casualty evidently is the ability to discern 
Truth from Falsehood.  

 :Collective Dome meditation numbers are way down, 
 :Consciousness on the Hawkins ‘map of consciousness’ falls to levels below 200.
 : then so goes ethics, the capacity at moral reasoning, and the ability at 
discerning truth from falsehood. It explains a lot. -QED 

 "Evidently, ethics are the first casualty of the new Congress".
 US Congress: Republicans vote to limit ethics body - BBC News 
 US Congress: Republicans vote to limit ethics body - ... 
http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38494455 Republicans in the House of 
Representatives vote to limit the power of Congress ethics investigators.

 View on www.bbc.com http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38494455
 Preview by Yahoo 



 David R. Hawkins had a fair critique for understanding some of this 
uncertainty in the collective.  He had a developed ‘map’ as the scale of 
consciousness that was calibrated on a logarithmic scale of 0 to 1000.  

 Hawkins was saying that only some few years ago did humanity calibrate 
reaching a 207 on the scale, 200 being just the point at which people can 
discern truth from falsehood for themselves. 

 One wonders if Hawkins were still around if he would calibrate that humanity 
has dropped below 200, to something more in the range of 175 again.  His map 
seems descriptive of something more coarse that is more in the collective now.  
On Hawkins’ system of vetting, people calibrating below 200 can’t discern truth 
from falsehood for themselves.

 Below 200 people are incapable of discerning, they do the best they can but 
they are unable.  They tend to just asserts things without much perspective. 
 In dipping to below 200, people lose the ability to discern truth from 
falsehood and will live promoting in a world of lies. 

 For instance from Hawkins' map:

 People living at 175 on the map of consciousness:  
 Their God-view: Indifferent. 
 Their Self-view: Demanding. 
 Their Level: Pride. 
 Their Emotion: Scorn. 
 Their Process: Inflation. 

 Map of the Scale of Consciousness:  

 From the Fairfield Coffee Haus Satsang:
 Q: People saying they are disabled in a mental agitation and chaos by 21st 
Century media then define certainty, an objective ‘that’? 

 A: "When push comes to shove, you can be rational but what it really comes 
down to is how people feel. Their experience, though there can be information 
that comes mentally, information that can be helpful but actual 
transformational experience is in how this makes us feel.  Our feeling of 
insight does not remain mental, it can’t, because what is that?  Ideas, words, 
thoughts, what actually transforms it is when we are filled with the thrill of 
a type of a ‘a-hah’. Think of Einstein, a type of discovery that is rightness, 
a true-ness, that is a feeling. That isn’t a mental thing. It can be described, 
this theory, this formula, but the actual recognition that there is something 
true or a recognition that there is something true there is in here, the 
feeling of the heart. That is the disconnect here, because it can be so 
complex, they both can be so complex, we can have scattered minds we can have 
scattered emotional lives but when there is clarity of thought and purity of 
heart it is a pretty dynamite combination, clarifying." -

 "..Example in A Beautiful Mind, where the movie meets the super mind that is 
going on about how uncertain emotional life is and unreal it is, and the 
response back is, ‘..what about love, how do you prove it?’  Why is love real 
and yet we know it?  When we experience it we know what love is. We know the 
feeling of love, but we say how do you prove that? It is both, it is not to say 
that we should not be disciplined mentally, have discourse on ideas and things, 
but they need to resonate in the heart. That is what Amma is talking about, 
that the purpose of a meditative practice is actually to quiet the mind so that 
you can experience this soul-nature that is experiential, that is a feeling.  
Our language is so limited because we think of feelings that are sensate, body 
based, where it is that deep recognition that something is true and good. My 
feeling in my perspective is that is what is important now. Certainly in 
working with people now."

 -The FF Coffee Haus Satsang



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 FW, e-mail:

 News and media must produce and they have nothing solid to talk about!  Nearly 
all is speculation & anxiety of anticipation to fill time and 
media/electronics.  Unfortunately this mode of thinking is infectious  to the 
masses of people... cluttering the minds of all to the extent of mass confusion 
in sorting reality;  this obsession with conveying gossip and speculation 
produces  convictions blinding rational thoughts & feelings.  

         Noting that the election is over...not subject to change.  About 50% 
of voters were complacent with slow change using perennially implanted  
policies and tactics, and about 50% want to tear up the garden and to replant 
large tracts.  We all must await new leaders , advisors, programs, approaches.  
 So far we have not had definitive guidance revealing the future.  As objective 
decisions occur and as consequences appear everyone will be able to carp and 
guide within the new guidelines.  There are impeachment and periodic 
elections....if we survive.   Current disorder of thinking simulates the 
1840-1860s. And again 1870s to 1890s.  Be observant and patient!  Some say 
meditation and Eastern philosophy are helpful in these times.



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 Fear, the 'Social Question". 

 The coming future..

 “And that's the fear. The fear is that populism makes this not about an 
electoral ballot but really about the future, fundamentally of oneself within 
one society. And it - and populists winning, in particular, not only by having 
solutions that people can hang onto but by demonizing the opposition. And 
that's the danger in the society we're living into today.  ..And it's not just 
in the United States. It's beyond that, which means that the period after 
November 8 really is the critical period because that will determine whether 
our electoral system and democratic system based on the alternation - the 
peaceful alternation - of power is acceptable.” -NPR


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 Yes, the Domes in Fairfield quite evidently are activating spiritually too 
like spiritual places are for an individual or collective.   There certainly is 
a reality to that. Like sitting in a gathered Quaker meeting In effect wages 
peace as places in the silence of their spiritual processes. Waging Peace now 
given these agitated and divided times, the imperative seems to rise as we know 
more. It becomes like a duty: duty for those who know how to pursue and wage 
radical peace spiritually.

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 "Where did we go wrong? The real mistake we commit lies in our inability to 
differentiate between requirements and luxuries."-Amma

 "Don't be discouraged by your incapacity to dispel darkness from the world. 
Light your candle and step forward." -Amma
 "Be like the honeybee who gathers only nectar wherever it goes. Seek the 
goodness that is found in everyone."-Amma

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 Ammachi in Detroit, ‘Q and A’ satsang meeting. 

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 Transcription of rough handwritten notes..


 Q:What of the fear, agitation, commotion, hatred and confusion that is 
individual and societal for the present time?

 A: Amma answering, Swami translating.. 
 [ ..her observation was that everyone has opinions, like people have different 
opinions about how to take their tea.  But what good is fear? Her instruction 
directly was to gain spiritual strength, to strengthen ourselves spiritually 
without becoming too anxious about the future.  

 We are not candles that need to be lit but self-luminous suns. To just keep 
moving with spiritual growth.  That while we live in families and communities 
that ultimately we are alone and so we look to find strength in ourselves. 
Ultimately only God is there, gain mastery over mind. 

 Refocus on our dharma which is compassion and everything will be okay. With a 
candle keep walking forward into the dark and extend the light.  This is the 
dark age of materialism, Kali Yuga. 

 There is virtue and divinity in everything, even a broken clock reads the time 
correctly 2 times a day.  Even in the worst human beings there is compassion 
there too.  You cannot force unity to happen, it unfolds by itself. Feel happy 
first and others will be too. Every drop flows to the ocean. Do whatever you 
can. Even though one half are gripped by fear everything will be alright, even 
if it is not.  Strengthen the internal mind to help others. Let the weapon be 
love.  Be strong (jestering active stance ). Don’t meet anger with anger. Do 
the work.   ]  

 Excerpts from Ammachi’s ‘Big-Swami’ 
 talk/discourse with Swamiji..
 Transcribed From handwritten notes:


 'A follow-up on the fear and confusion in the world and of ‘institutional 
fear’ questions from the previous day,'

 Big-Swami: “.. saying there is ‘no need of confusion or fear’ is not a simple 
or superficial statement.

 The way we look at the universe is different than ..the world view.  For us 
the universe cannot be self-made, everything obeys Nature.  We cannot amend 
that.  For every action Nature follows the set laws. We are not an exception to 
the laws of Nature, we only break ourselves against nature’s law.  
Indiscriminately the law of karma works as nature.  The Law of Karma is the law 
of the Universe.  [..some examples, ‘there are pious credits ..but then you get 
the credit’.. Gita IV.v17..] 
 ”The mills of God (nature) grind slow but fine.”

 ..Don’t expect that people will understand you.  Understanding equals love, 
patience equals compassion, if people do not understand then grow your own 
inner light. 
 In life, civil law we have to learn and Nature’s law we have to learn. Even a 
little of this practice protects from fear.  There are 3 dimensions of space 
and 1 of time, space is static, time is movement.  A. Huxley: there is one 
corner of the universe you can improve and that is your own.  

 [discussion of power politics.. Binding love and liberating love are 
different.. A sugar-coated politics is power politics with domination, greed, 
and anxiety. ..Sympathy is not the same as empathy.. 

 (Cultivating Remedy) in these times:  
 1. Virtue, mental purification, ethical/moral preparation, righteous 
 2.love(selfless service to others) 
 3.meditation(spiritual practice). 

 ..Discerning self-less service (action) from “what is in it for me”. Love 
yourself, accept yourself; can’t love yourself can’t love others. 

 The human body is a Holy temple, it is a temple of God and through love and 
then acceptance life is an opportunity to serve and love.  A combination of 
perfection of meditation and compassion is a rare thing. There are awakened 
people but the combination of awakening with compassion is a rare thing. There 
are plenty of awakened who care nothing. But by the combination of awakened 
grace like in Amma we will soon see light within ourselves.  

 Divine Grace can help establish Peace, Peace from the heart Pervades.  


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 After such a brutal and divisive election, it is clearly vital that we heal 
the rift and bring our nation back together. It is essential that we do 
everything we can to bolster our national coherence during this turbulent and 
sensitive transition. This will help calm the nation—and bring the best 
possible result for our country while the new Government is being formed and 
its priorities being set.
 Fortunately, Maharishi has given us the technologies we need to defuse deep 
societal tensions and bring powerful support of nature to the country. We 
simply need to apply them to a sufficient degree.

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 I feel for all those who are anxious—and that includes some in my own family.  
Fortunately our specialty—and for many of us, our profession—is (in essence) 
making lemonade out of lemons. Maharishi left the deep silence of the Himalayas 
to eliminate suffering, to reconstruct the entire world for a heavenly life on 
earth, to create Sat Yuga out of Kali Yuga.  So making lemonade would seem, in 
comparison, a relatively simple task.


..And it is not just the President, but the entire apparatus of 
Government—legislative as well as executive—who lead but are in turn led by 
collective consciousness. And the best thing we can do for them, and for 
ourselves, is exactly what we are doing.  Diving into the field of profound 
inner happiness, peace and contentment, and serving as a pipeline to transmit 
those most powerfully transformative qualities of the Absolute into society.  
And, building up the size of our group in any and every way we can.   -Dr. 

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 ..On both sides of the political divide people are feeling anxious and 
concerned about the possible outcomes, and many are worried as to whether or 
not tensions will continue to rise afterwards.  Many people are left feeling 
powerless by all of this — they are feeling that all they can do is lodge their 
vote and then hope for the best. 

As Meditators, Sidhas and Governors we are very fortunate in that we can do so 
much more than this. We have the wonderful gifts of the Transcendental 
Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs that we have received from Maharishi, and also 
the understanding that when we practice them together in a group we can spread 
a powerful, calming effect of peace and coherence in to the atmosphere, and 
enliven Natural Law to support the best outcome. 

 Jai Guru Dev,
Ideal Community Group

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 Letting social agitation dis-organize our spiritual body.. “A belief has 
emerged in America that we are surrounded by hidden dangers that will strike 
when we least expect it and with a terrible fury. We are enraged when others 
don’t see it, for the same reason someone being ignored when he says there is a 
fire will be justly enraged. But everything is not on fire. ..we think of the 
Depression and Pearl Harbor (& 9-11) and we wonder if we are being lulled into 
a false sense of security. We are not uncivil. We are afraid. Our fears have 
serious origins. But reality does not always lead to the apocalypse.”  -George 


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 Related, of a 'Disordered', damaged or frayed spiritual fabric..
 Olliesedwuz wrote in FFL430768:


A: Yeah, it is a curious problem these days, with tech providing us with 
'super-powers', yet we still struggle to rise to the consciousness that will 
make tech less disruptive, and more supportive of solutions. 

Right now, there is kind of a giddyness globally, about each of us being 
empowered for expression, through social media and media in general. Having 
instant access to so much of the world, and being able to influence it, is not 
something we have been rigged for historically, and it is stirring up 
everything, all values, and ways of acting, interacting, and reacting, as we 
find our way through this infinitely connected world, and learn how to adjust 
to it. 

Although the media tsunami provides vastly more input to our senses, and 
questions more and more of what we experienced as a solid world previously, the 
challenge remains the same, to maintain and nurture our spiritual life in the 
face of whatever goes on around us, and do our best to adapt and thrive in this 
new world.

 Q: The mundane stuff that gets trolled here aside, what do you feel about the 
spiritual agitation in the body electorate and how it seems to get manipulated 
one way or another in this post-modern age of the electron?  Just wondering. 

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 Of the damaged and social fabric ‘frayed’, this NPR critique does highlight 
the new order of imperative for directly pursuing a program of collective 
meditation in what will be the period following the national election.    The 
critique  gives good reason to do this that we know.. 

 Now, with the weight of science behind it and by virtue of our long experience 
a consideration of nationalizing our local (Fairfield) collective practice to a 
higher cause of the global community employing regular and long meditation for 
this period before and after the national elections does become compelling. 


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 A relevant analysis of an agitation of the post-election period.. 

 Q: “..you've spoken out about a tide of populism (& ‘the new demagogue’) you 
see rising in the West - Western Europe and the United States. What have you 

 A: “..increasing anxiety in both the United States and in Europe about the 
conditions - both economic and, ..demographic, ..growing globalization and, 
particularly, technological change - of many people in these countries. ..”

 “So I do not expect a civil war here. I do expect a damaging period, a period 
where the infrastructure will be damaged. There will be an increased social 
 “Sort of a fraying of social fabric, the fraying off of a common reality. 
We're already seeing this.."



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 excerpts from a FF coffee haus satsang.. 

 " ..but this is where we are at right now.  We have an entire environment 
right now that is in such wildly varied levels of understanding and 
comprehension of this stuff.  Because of all kinds of questionable reasons, the 
whole thing of computers that, ‘it is okay that anything goes’.  
 That just because we can do it therefore we should, we should and nothing 
 That has its own repercussions and one of the repercussions, like it or not, 
are hell states.  
 There are hell states.   If you don’t discern, if it only goes to being 
debased then it is not healthy and then you get to learn from that.  It is an 
option.  Some people can’t take notes.  They just aren’t able

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