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> On the other hand, the process of gaining enlightenment is not mumbo 
> jumbo, and particularly the majority of the members here, who have 
> been meditating in this life for decades, the physiology is 
> conditioned to accept enlightenment already, so what is stopping us, 
> from this really very normal experience?
> Through seeking enlightenment so long, many of us think that seeking 
> is a normal state; some progress, a setback, a flashy experience, 
> and then more of the same. However, it is just as easy to 'break on 
> through to the other side...'. And the reward is well worth it! 
I think the biggest hurdle is the ego, which thinks *it's* the thing
that awakens. Most of the assholiness on FFL is true believers of one
sect bashing the true believers of another. I think those who engage
in "my guru/lineage can beat up your guru/lineage" are the addicts
that Tom T's recent post referred to. They're addicted to the ideas
and dogmas of enlightenment. Teachings can point to truth, but you
have to be vigilant against falling into the delusional mind-trap that
teachings *are* truth. The finger pointing at the moon is not the
moon; the moon is not made of finger.

Needless to say, these words and ideas are not truth, and it's the
force of my own ego that drives me to post them.


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