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Lineage, lineage, lineage. It's the morphogenetic field of the mantra.

Oh yeah, and lineage. Lineage should take you back to the source of  

the mantras original cognition. The best way to get a mantra is in  

the same way it originally manifested or from someone who 


a fresh manifestation of that sound at the para and pashyanti level.

The mystical side of me says. "groovy".(1) Statements and claims such

as the above have fascinated and attacted me since my teens, and

actually young childhood.

However the rational side of me asks "why?". If it is sound, the full

wave characteristics are embedded in the sound. Does linneage change

the wave form? I supect not. So what is the "THERE there" that lineage

adds  to the wave form? What is that (neo)ooga-booga (neo in that it

is  current slang, not a past racial epitath.)(2)

There's not alot in the rational world that would explain this. However Rupert Sheldrake's theory of formative causation and morphogenetic fields intuitively seems right on. He gives the example of scietists who trying to crystallize certain organic compounds. When one succeeds, then it becomes easier for people, even removed by great distances to do the same. In short: nature has memory.

There is also, for me, a common sense aspect too. It only makes sense if an adept ties into a state of consciousness, he can provide the keys to re-experience that. Traditionally these are guru yogas. It is not unusual for each specific line of practice to have it's own unique guru yoga that ties you directly into the current of that teaching. This is amazing to experience, because you can be a fumbling novice, but with guru yoga the amazing and the impossible does happen. Your practice can bear fruit in a very short time. Having said that, most if not all McMeditation methods do NOT include guru mantra or guru yoga as a quick way to tap into the current of the teaching.

Also since most mantras were the seed of a deities own dimension, teachers who have profound experience of that dimension themselves can introduce the student directly through visualization, mudra and mantra. Want to experience the tree, get someone to plant the seed inside you and then share the watering technique.

The mystical but wondering side of me thinks, well maybe its sort of

like a live rose vs a dead rose. Chemically they may be the same, but

clearly there is a difference. 

The analytical side says, well chemicaly only maybe. But if you did an

infrared analysis or something, you could easily see a difference. An

a minimum, less heat. And no "aspiration" flow or air and "sap".. 

The analytical side says, well I am open to some actual

'ogga-booga"from linneage being there, I just don't understand what

that is -- it must have has some "relative" structure -- even if very


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