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> >  > If you've realized that spending *any* time
> > > interacting
> > > > with a certain person or persons is fruitless and
> > > always
> > > > have been, you can skip the whole process by
> > > hitting
> > > > 'Next" the momemnt you see their name in the
> > > 'From'
> > > > field. No muss, no fuss, no starved egos trying to
> > > 
> > > > force their way into your attention field.
> > > 
> > > BTW, wanna see something interesting?  Those of 
> > > you who are still reading the posts from this
> > > individual (or from others who are like him in
> > > terms of being Attention Suckers), watch how they
> > > react when told that their victims have stopped
> > > reading their posts.  They usually freak out and
> > > redouble their efforts to insult and attack the
> > > people who are ignoring them.  The game is *not*
> > > about the claimed subject -- the game, for these
> > > sick fucks, is about capturing attention, making
> > > people focus on them.  The more people who do, the
> > > more they feel almost alive; the less people do,
> > > the more they feel panicky and alone.  Well, duh.
> > > The latter is because they really ARE alone, and
> > > can continue to be for the rest of their lives,
> > > as far as I'm concerned...
> > 
> > I can't imagine what sort of relationships these
> > people must have in the "real world". They always must
> > be right; they always must have the last word. They
> > acknowledge no critique. Waste of an intellect.
> > 
> >
> On the other hand, people who spend their time criticizing people 
> like that are obviously superior in every way.

It kind of reminds me of a Rorshoch test. Unless they know each other,
in person, for some years, most posters here know each other about as
well as an ink blot. Some blur of detail, but far from "knowing" them:
family background, education, profession, career, relationship status,
children, friends, community work /interactions, extra-professional
work (in associations, etc), volunteer work, ambitions, recreatrions,
favorite books, films, music, epistimologcal processes, spiritual
pursuits (other than TM), fitness level, diet, emotions and reactions
in various life situations,  etc. I suspect if the list met, there
would be so many surprises: "you are NOTHING like I imagined!".

So given that only a small tip of the iceberg of ones life is seen,
on-list, a sort of blurry set of details, sort of like an ink-blot,
its utterly fascinating and even astonishing to see people fill in
their imagined details of others' personalities, lives, relations,
motives and emotions . And the pretty emphatic confidence that they
are doing so accurately. 

But no one has more confidence than former (and current) True Believer
Spritiual Seekers. Its sort of like the addiction syndrome Tom referes
to.  Its my hypothesis, that most true beilevers (and most of us were
once -- if not still) have a challenged credibility meter. They are
moe open than others to the 'implausible". While it has an upside, it
can devolve into something pretty sad. Like in AA, I think all "Big
Dream" addicts, are always so: they are either active onesor
recovering ones. Always vulnerable to "the big dream" -- but if a12
step set of tools of rationality are used, the "disability"can be kept
in check. 

That some "ex" TBs believe are so confidentl that they can so
accurately fill in the details of a strangers life, known only by some
posts, is a great example of the Uber-confidence that the TB "great
Dreamer" addict has in their own POVs, opinions and "abilities" (such
as "intuition") -- which history has shown, has caused them
difficulty, and near disaster for some, in their lives previously.
While, it invokes compassion, it similtaneously can be another
'gut-ripping" laugh provoking observation, like other recently posted
ones -- that are growing on my "Observational Humor among Spiritual

It could be a great book.

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