the jivan mukta, the embodiment of the soul,

 some old TM'ers writing about it..

 ..It is tricky territory. Descriptions are often confused with other stages or 
sound paradoxical. It's not something the mind can "get" as it’s so outside of 
experience - even for someone in advanced Unity. 

 Some that do use the term are referring to presence or consciousness rather 
than actual Brahman.

 .. but in terms of stages of development and part of a process.
 Those that do talk about it often only do so with advanced students. It’s not 
what they speak about in introductory stuff. Maharishi included. 

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 The nomenclature, It is interesting in trend to see nomenclature equating that 
is going on between people of different spiritual systems or lineage in these 
postmodern times.  
At the SAND (science and nonduality) conference, ‘consciousness’ as a term 
seems to be commonly supplanted for favoring ‘presence’, or ‘states of 
presence’, like a new-speak by-pass around pure awareness, consciousness or 
wakefulness to connote a spiritual state of Being.    


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 Amana is a Sanskrit term which means ‘without mind’. Amanaskata is a condition 
where there is no mind. It is mindlessness. This is the state in which 
jivanmuktas or liberated beings exist.

.. this could be frightening to a layperson's read, describing this state as 
‘mindlessness’, and it could easily feed into a prejudice anyway about 
spiritual people being ungrounded witless disconnected impractical people, or 

 (On a scale or spectrum of ‘state’, this jivanmukta mind is a lot different 
from the working of a disordered mind..like the narcissistic disordered mind.)

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 But for instance In that state in life (jivanmukti),.. activity of the mind 
arises as one needs it, for the mukti.  Qualified, it is not that the spiritual 
state is mindless or incapacitated but the mind becomes silent and mental 
activity arises, mental activity is in relationship to consciousness which is 
then abiding.  The mind becomes a tool in relationship to what is is needed.  
Some reading this nomenclature about mindlessness without context one would 
think you are just walking around witless.   No, it is about the scope of 
relationship of what we experience as mental quietness, and consciousness. 


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 the jivan mukta, the embodiment of the soul,
 while living..


 The Mind of a Jivanmukta 





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