Actually the new ™ movement is now a corporate democracy with boards, officers, 
‘Rajas’ as the likes of corporate exec VP’s, administrators and staff.  No one 
is in a position to rule by decree.  Both Drs. Nader and Hagelin towards the 
apex as trustees have to bring people along, including those people around them 
who are more fanatical maharishi devotionals who do feel they personally are 
fundamentally duty bound to keep things static as they are, because ‘Maharishi 
set things up that way’. 
 Inaction on all their parts at best is continuing suppression of the communal 
Dome meditation numbers. The problem of collective meditation numbers is theirs 
to acknowledge and remediate and they are certainly the problem at this point. 

 srijau writes:
 there is no "supression by Rajas" thats childish finger pointing and blame 
gaming extremely noble people who are doing more than anyone to benefit 
humanity.grow up.
 It is mostly in the USA that these kind of policies have been enacted.  
Ultimately one Raja , John Hagelin can change this policy if he wants to.

---In, <> wrote :

 Yep, the collective force of consciousness and its suppression by the Rajas.

 Common sense looking at all the recently published research would dictate an 
immediate gutting of all the “non-compete” clauses embedded in the national 
guidelines over the group meditations facilitated by the TM movement to expand 
membership participation. Right away immediately.  

 It would be easier to just directly start over with a new document that is 
more bare and essential to what you need to run and administrate a TM group 
meditation.  Separate and leave all that other 'non-compete’ stuff about 
trademark enforcement over employees to an HR department to enforce with their 
 Let practitioners back into the Domes, again. Free the practitioner to 
practice meditation collectively again now.  Those members who could be 
meditators in the group should be freed from the oppression of the Rajas now.

 Free the meditators now to meditate together, again!

 rajawilliamsmith writes:       

 One has to take responsibility especially Rajas or in American class circles, 
politically  active or economically empowered folks , this is more serious than 
gun violence   and shares seriousness with a lot of important issues.

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 If the "good" stuff is attributable to TM, when why not the bad stuff?



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