Well, it seems that *nothing* seems to get through to
the whiny preadolescents who seem intent on destroying
this forum, one way or another.  So I figure it's good
(just in case) to write a short thank-you note to Rick 
to let him know that some of us really appreciate what 
he tried to do here.

He *tried*, as far as I can tell, to create a forum for
adults amid the wreckage of a spiritual movement that 
insisted on treating its members like children, and then
acted surprised when those children acted up.  He *tried*
to create a forum in which those adults could discuss 
anything they wanted, free from censorship by the TM move-
ment Nazis or each other, and where people could discuss 
ideas *as* ideas, without being threatened by the new ones. 
He *tried* many things.

In my opinion that attempt deserves praise, as do several
of the regular posters here who seem to have "gotten" what
was being attempted.  My personal thanks to Rick (as poster),
to Jim, to Pete, to Alex, to Tom T., to Shemp, to lurk, to 
Rory, and to many others for lightening my life and helping 
me to see new sides of its puzzle.  I will miss you all if 
these pissants succeed in silencing your voices on this forum.

To the pissants themselves, all I can say is, I think that
YOU, more than anything else I've ever seen, represent the 
full horror of what the TM movement has done to the people
who placed their faith in it.  You came to it damaged, 
and it turned you into malignant monsters who actually 
think that it's OK to spend your time trying to destroy 
anyone and anything that points out that you're monsters.  

You came to the TM movement full of self-loathing, and it 
taught you how to refocus that loathing outward, and despise
almost everyone you encountered as "lower" and "less evolved"
than yoursleves.  It taught you to lead a life full of ego
games in which the objective is to put down as many people as 
humanly possible, so that the near-subhuman ego in you can strut 
on top of the intellectual carcasses and convince itself that
it's reached new heights of glory.  You came to it angry and 
confused and it made you angrier and more confused and not 
content to keep those things at home; it taught you to have 
a compulsion to try to "share" these malignant, poisonous
mindstates with as many people as possible.

You people fuckin' disgust me.  You make a mockery of the
entire millennia-long spiritual quest.  Your everpresent 
hatred and lack of compassion spreads like a poison, and
makes me at times want to echo Bob Dylan's words in Masters 
Of War: "And I hope that you die / And your death'll 
come soon..."

But that's not true. I *don't* hope you'll die.  I hope
you all live a long, long, long time in this incarnation,
trapped in the toxic state of attention you have created
for yourself and around yourself.  Because the longer you 
live like this, and act like this, and the longer you treat 
your fellow seekers the way that you do, the lower that the 
Hellworld you'll wind up in your next incarnation will be, 
and the further away you'll be from us.  

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