Thx.....everybody for the outstanding comments.  The question has come up many 
times re: the value and dangers of sharing "experiences" including claims as to 
Enlightenment.  Don't be shy, I will value everybody's testimonials and claims 
without putting anybody down with one exception.  I have a zero tolerance for 
"Neo-Advaita" and will call people out whenever possible (or, I will ignore 
them as in most of the Batgappers).

 I no longer have Suzanne's excellent book, but it appears that she was 
approaching Self-Realizaiton as defined by Ramana Maharshi (may be MMY's 
Brahman Consciousness); and I'm reminded of Ramana's Self-Realization 
experience of July 17, 1896:
 All of a sudden and without prior formal meditative practice, he felt like he 
was "dying" and using the words "as if dead" he apparently slipped into or fell 
into (as he says) Self-Realization or complete non-dual Reality.
 However, he apparently never shared any type of confusion, unpleasant Kundalin 
experience (or even a prior Kundalini experience); and none of the Ongological 
crises had by Suzanne.  Just the Self, from that day to his death.
 The apparent confusion Suzanne expressed and it's remedy as she approached 
physical death may have been caused by the Neo-Advaitic fallacy: that there's 
no relative self, no ordinary ego, no experience, no karma, etc etc, no no the point of denying all of  relative existence. It's easy to see how 
some claimants to E. can easily fall into this last snare of Maya.
 Then, just before her death, she quit denying her relative identity as 
"Suzanne" and got out of the Neo-Advaitic trap. The typical message of 
Neo-Advaita is that people should give up their "story" (personal relative 
history and identity and "Just Be".  No techniques necessary - just Be.  That's 
the message of the main proponent of Neo-Advaita in the 20-th century: HWL 
Poonja and his many disciples such as Andrew Cohen and Gangaji.
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