That's a good point, but Kurzweil probably won't like it.  I believe the 
Christian mystic Teilhard de Chardin wrote about his Omega Man, which is his 
version of a human in cosmic consciousness or God-consciousness.  But can Rick 
Archer find someone who can levitate to show us that a human being has broken 
through the barrier of mediocrity?  :)

---In, <noozguru@...> wrote :

 Heh!  What have yogis been doing for centuries?  These idiots who fancy 
themselves scientists are going about brain improvement the wrong way.  I have 
this vision of a "Twilight Zone" episode that takes place in the future where 
Ray Kurzweil has managed to merge himself with a machine and is begging people 
to turn the machine off because he finally is tired of living.  Of course 
everyone is ignoring him.
 On 07/05/2017 08:34 PM, jr_esq@... mailto:jr_esq@... [FairfieldLife] wrote:
   This is the question that propels adherents of the transhumanist movement.  
But at the fundamental level, the human brain appears capable of transcending 
itself to unite with the absolute.  So, why is AI, nanotechnology and other 
scientific gadgets necessary to improve the human brain?  What do you think?


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