If you read MMY's commentary to the Gita, he has explained how greed and 
sexual gratification  can be part of people's personality even though they may 
exhibit the trappings of a guru or teacher.

 MMY has covered this part of the discussion under the topic being "without the 
gunas".  He state that the gunas include the basic elements like fire, water, 
earth, air and ether.  Included in these elements are manas, ahamkar and 
buddhi.  These elements are further featured  in his Apaurushiiya.  

 So, the technique of transcending is very much a feature in developing higher 
levels of consciousness.  The use of mantras can help dispel the efffects of 
the gunas in our lives.  Since thoughts are part of the basic elements in 
nature, they can be managed by use of mantras to counter the effects of the 
gunas which include the basic elements of matter.

 MMY has described the process elaborately by letting the mind dive into the 
Self, where it absorbs "bliss" in the inward stroke of meditation.  Thus, the 
mind is refreshed while experiencing the outward stroke of meditation. 

 I believe there is much to be learned in this process which MMY started dring 
his life time.  We are only discovering the various layers of the human mind 
which include the waking consciousness,  Contrary to what Teilhard De Chardin's 
idea, the human brain is just not a physical attribute that can be measured in 
brain size and compexity.  The human mind needs to be understood in the 
sleeping, dreaming and deep sleep consciousness to paint the full picture of 
being human.



 The latter chapters of the Gita explains in detail how certain people are 
affected by the gunas.  Specifically, some people are more disposed to greed, 
anger and sexual gratification.  These people are called "demoniacs".  In 
effect, these people have sold out to the blatant effects of the rajas guna.  I 
believe you very see this nature in our world leaders today.

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 Thx, MMY's commentary on the Gita is much divorced from reality, since in this 
case he doesn't explain why/how some people in CC or above can exhibit such 
blatant greed in terms of $ and extracting favors from females.

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