Cultural appropriation, a junk term? a cultural ‘two-way’ within 
colonialism one could posit and wonder, just from where did MMY appropriate the 
practice of  ‘group meditation’, from an Englishman George Fox and the (17th 
Century) Quaker practice of silent meditation in groups?


 Yup, fact regardless of culture..
 Maharishi on “The 1% Effect” – How Just a Small Percentage of People Can 
Change the World


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 Cultural approbation is a garbage term.  I mean, come on, should we stop using 
algebra because ancient Islamic cultures invented it.

The so called HIndu Indian culture incorporated many cultures in its evolution 
that it would be hard for them to claim total originality in their essence.

And just to set the record straight, all cultures arise out of prehistoric 
relatives leaving Africa and intermingling with Neaderthals, Denosivans, etc.  
Had those species survived would the be bitchin' about our stealing their 
culture.  We interbred both figuratively and culturally.  White supremist 
believe in a racial myth: race.  Race does not exist in any pure form.


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