An old FF meditator saying of the Rajaneesh documentary,  ‘..disturbingly 

 Different than with Antelope, Oregon though, the first four years of 
meditators coming to Fairfield, Iowa meditators as a group lived physically 
mostly within the confines of the academic institution, mostly up on campus, in 
Fairfield. After five years then came an arrival and flow of diverse mostly 
middling class educated peoples and families as meditators, even moving in to 
neighborhoods throughout town and in the county alongside locals as neighbors.

 The 'files' section of FairfieldLife has a survey in it of the meditating 
community that was done in the early 1990's. The demographic parts are 
interesting to look at as profile. 


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 A Study in Polarized Communities, yes.

 A large difference in two stories, between Antelope, Oregon and Fairfield, 
Iowa is that mostly neither our local Iowans or the incoming TM meditators to 
Iowa became overtly violent, or physically aggressive with each other.
 But even with ‘that look’ that can be in the Fairfield meditator community a 
difference from the outset between the two places is that the meditators who 
came to Iowa were modestly dressed. Meditators coming to Iowa wearing suits and 
ties and such, clean shaven, for the most part, and not ‘in red’ like in Oregon.

 The opinion page of the local newspaper in Fairfield has always run with a lot 
of hot and even bruising ink written on the subject but fortunately red hot 
blood was not overtly spilled over the subject. Now nearly 4.5 decades later 
there has come a better understanding as a detente in how both sides of the 
community tend to speak about each other as there has become a blending of 
blood within the whole area community by a living and sharing for long enough 
in life’s practicalities and raising kids.

 Possibly it all happened too fast on too large a scale for much smaller 
Antelope, Oregon to absorb what all happened like has happened differently in 
Fairfield, Iowa. Fairfield, Iowa being a liberal arts traditional college town 
had a different level of education that possibly allowed for a different 

 However, the posed level of ambient violence that came in to the Oregon story 
is a frank difference in the narratives.   


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