More critically, 5G is coming, and that is a huge tailwind for NOK. The 
company is already a leading player in the 4G/LTE broadband market, so it will 
naturally be a big winner in this massive forthcoming 5G-upgrade cycle. Over 
the next several years, demand for new 5G-integrated products and technology 
components will soar, and NOK’s numbers will start to look a lot better.
 From this perspective, it is easy to see why investors largely ignored the 
quarterly numbers. They were just near-term noise. Everyone is looking toward 
the 5G boom, and until something happens to negatively affect that catalyst, 
NOK stock should head higher.
 Nokia Stock Could Get Above $7 Management is very confident about its ability 
to fully capture benefits from large-scale 5G deployment globally over the next 
several years. Revenue growth is expected to inflect into positive territory. 
Margins are expected to start expanding, and earnings are expected to head 
 In other words, Nokia stock is turning into a growth story.
 Well, perhaps better wait and buy only after the next July stock market crash 
predicted by some
 jyotish-astrologers, like Joni Patry....


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