..protective care of nature as a spiritual power.
 Support of Nature: A 

 Life Supported by Natural Law Lectures by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 

 Maharishi said:

 “The unified field is the unmanifest basis of the whole creation, the creator 
and governor of the whole universe. Through Transcendental Meditation it is 
simple to open our awareness to this state of transcendence. Spontaneously, the 
conscious mind identifies itself with the self-referral unified field, the 
fountainhead of all the streams of activity in nature.  As we gain more and 
more familiarity with that self-referral performance, our thoughts and actions 
spontaneously begin to be as orderly and evolutionary as all the activity of 

 “This training is of supreme practical value for our lives.”

 Support in Nature, a Provident protective care of unasked for grace in elegant 
favour of nature as a spiritual power.   ..Support of Nature.

 The presentation of providence as support in nature that is in spiritual 
cultivation was a strong feature in both Guru Dev’s and Maharishi’s practical 
teaching of life. 
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 Brahmananda Saraswati (Guru Dev) from a mid-20th Century Himalayan India and 
then Maharishi in the opening decade of the modern 21st Century taught to this 
practicality of spiritual life.   

 Maharishi in a 1985 lecture:   
 All who are practicing the Transcendental Meditation and ™-Sidhi program are 
the real scientists of this generation, on the forefront of scientific 

 ..Now Vedic Science offers the knowledge to develop a fully integrated man, 
whose mind, body, intellect, and behavior are in perfect accord with all the 
laws of nature. Human brain physiology is the hardware of that cosmic computer 
which can create anything through proper programming. Human awareness has the 
ability to identify completely with the total potential of natural law, the 
unified field, which is transcendental consciousness, the self-referral state 
of consciousness. The Transcendental..
 Life Supported by Natural Law
 World Assembly on Vedic Science
 Lectures by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

 July 9-17, 1985, Washington, D.C.

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 What did Guru Dev (Maharishi’s teacher) say 
 about cultivating this support in nature?  
 It is a theme that recurs in his talks about spirituality and spiritual life.  

 This is one discourse that considers a support in nature that comes from 
meditation and spiritual practices. 
 Swami Brahmananda Saraswati said: 
 “If you want to benefit from Bhagavàn (the Transcendent), then do spiritual 
practice and make him manifest in one location.
 The all-pervasive, formless divine being (bhagavatsattà ) is incapable of 
action; it is merely a witness. Only when it manifests itself in one place with 
the help of màyà can it take some action in màyà's world, characterized as 
it is by the three guṇas. This is like the fire which remains unmanifest in 
wood; even though it is all-pervading, it cannot light the wood, nor can it 
perform any act. But when wood is rubbed, the wood can burn and act as we 
desire. Similarly, when the all-pervasive divine being manifests in some site 
with the help of our spiritual practice, then there can be some worldly benefit.
 Spiritual practice is a staircase by which the devotee climbs to Bhagavàn 
(the Transcendent), and Bhagavàn climbs down to the devotee. Only by spiritual 
practice does the being of Bhagavàn, which abides in all animate and inanimate 
things, manifest itself in one site and thus acts in accordance with the 
devotee's desires. Only when the formless, unmanifest pure existence manifests 
itself in a form with attributes can any activity take place. Hence if you want 
to receive Bhagavàn's blessings, then carry out spiritual practice and make 
him manifest, either inside or outside. Once Bhagavàn manifests in one's 
heart, only then will all the poverty of life be eliminated.”


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 In this nature of phenomenology, there is someone who conducted what became an 
empirical study of 'support of nature' as phenomenology.  Gathered data, 
authored a paper on support of nature experience. Became the work of a PhD 
thesis. Collected people’s experience that became data. The work of the paper 
allows for something that would seems more purely subjective to become more 
objective to look at. Nature’s providence in meditating human’s nature in, 

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 Support of Nature, in findings of phenomenological support that is operational 
as nature in the human life form in practical life. Phenomenal.  ‘..Know this 
to be that which you are seeking’, also. 

 email sharing by experience from a friend to FFL.. 

 "Yes, our source of the source is Mother Divine. We expand in consciousness 
from the Self to a clear vision of the Saints, Gods and Goddesses, then on to 
Unity, and then... sidestep all of that into Totality/Brahman, transcending 
Consciousness, and moving into the space between Consciousness and the Divine 
Mother. This is where we reside as Sidhas, perfected Beings. 


 This sidestep beyond the wholeness of consciousness is what gives rise to all 
of the Divine abilities we are then graced with. This happens as a natural 
result of finding ourselves everywhere in consciousness, and also without 
attachment. Yet we must still be somewhere, and we innocently find ourselves 
closer to the Divine Mother, the source of the source, now unfettered by the 
changes in consciousness, local, global, or cosmic. 


 Peculiar to describe, yet very clear in thought and action; all of 
Consciousness is available, and in balance. It certainly doesn't mean that life 
becomes static for the Sidhas, as the journey is always first made across the 
bridge of Unity, of global awareness and compassion. Given the state of the 
world, and similarly ourselves, there always remains something to do! :-)"

 Jai Guru Dev,



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 Evidently in experience there are qualities intrinsic to a transcendental 
consciousness of Being. While there is Light, ecstacy, and shakti that can come 
together in state of the human system the aspect of support of nature is also 
phenomena of this. This experience in this state is phenomenal in life. 
 What Guru Dev and then Maharishi point to more directly is different than 
thinking about astrology and such, what their more specific call out is to a 
description of state as attribute to the flow of phenomenology of support of 
nature as ontology of the state. Grace that is providential as support of 
nature. It is wonderful and spiritual when it happens. Something to cultivate 
in a lifetime. -Jai Guru Dev


 “Support of nature” as we TM’ers call it as practical attribute in life of 
spirituality permeates as a theme throughout Guru Dev’s teaching (Maharishi’ 
teacher, Brahmananda Saraswati).  There are many places in his discourses where 
he speaks to it.



 385455Re: Qualities of the Unified Field 
 385156Re: Qualities of the Unified Field in experience. 


 absolutely    it is really good for TMers to understand this and when they go 
through bad dasha/bhukti or transits they don't imagine that they are not 
benefiting from increased support of nature than what they otherwise would be 

 So many brilliant posts on this forum recently by everyone posting. 

 It would help if a TMer understands a little bit of jyotish to appreciate this 
support of Nature.  For example, as of today, Rahu is transiting the sign of 
Cancer and on the opposite side of Capricorn, Mars is in retrogressed motion.  
So, there is an inherent negative quality to most activities on earth right 
now.  It would appear that the world summit, involving the US and EU, would end 
in disarray and misunderstanding among the participants.

 Also, the conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Capricorn may bring in some violence 
and terrorist activity in the world scene.



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