Evidently a lot of people feel this way also about meditating with the TM 
group, not turning out for what was superradiance of the group. The numbers in 
the Dome meditation are incredibly low now. 

 Interesting to see how the principles of higher moral character that were the 
communal experiment started at Amherst in ‘78 have been eroded and hurt in the 
administration of it. 
 For outsiders or people from away looking in on the experiment I recommend 
their reading "Greetings From Utopia Park" and listening to the NPR 'Fresh Air' 
interview of Claire Hoffman for insight to how it went.  


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 I appreciate what you’re doing with the group meditation thing, but I like 
meditating at home. I usually take a nap first, then just sit up and meditate. 
Times vary.
 Rick Archer
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 Sounds like you are doing TM.  You could even be part of a group TM meditation 
along with the Monthly Global Group Meditation that is facilitated by the TM 
 Is it the mantra or the way a mantra is used that is TM?  
 In Nepal or back in the Soviet days in the Ukraine there was nothing 
individual about teaching them TM meditation then. Even in India today.  The 
teaching would get hundreds of people in a room to initiate them in to 
meditation as groups. Nothing necessarily ‘individual’ about that other than 
how you use the mantra, the practice.  
 For instance, I know someone, an old TM teacher/ governor, who got a mantra 
from Ammachi also in the process while Ammachi is giving darshan, with Ammachi 
giving a mantra to this person who was then given the same mantra as their 
original TM mantra as a 17 year old TM initiate. This person should not be in a 
group meditation programs with other TM’ers?
 Since the 1980’s quite a lot of TM teachers/governors have been seeing Ammachi 
and have gotten mantras from or mantas re-freshed by her. Some hundreds from 
Fairfield snf other TM’ers in the West.  Quite a lot of who were on the IA 
 These people are not doing TM at the least in their practice and should be 
rejected from meditating with facilitated group meditations for infidelity? As 
 . .

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 Om, so you meditate with the TM technique. Generally this is the real asset 
the TM movement has, that the teaching of meditation as process itself is well 
done. Thorough enough to set people up even for a lifetime of transcending 
meditation.  And then subsequently in life context along with their praying, 
chanting or simple silence. The way of perspective that Maharishi set it up as 
a tool it is a life skill. 
 We have had people who we taught decades ago having contacted us in recent 
years expressing how appreciative they are to having learned it in their lives. 
 For people who ask about learning to meditate I always urge them to take the 
TM course if they can. It is just very well taught and useful perspective on 
how to meditate in ways that other teachings can leave cursory. Jai Guru Dev

 Rick Archer writes:


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 Yes, although I’m using Amma’s mantra, I do it TM-style.
 Rick Archer
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 In practice, does your having previously learned TM inform how you meditate 
 Use of a mantra, stance with or understanding of thoughts and such? Process?  
The module of understandings as meditation is taught in TM? 
 Just wondering. 


 Rick Archer writes:


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 I’ve been using a mantra with Om in it (from Amma) for about 17 years now. So 
far no evidence it’s making me a recluse. This has been the most productive 
period of my life.
 Rick Archer
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 Yes, Maharishi’s teaching around “omkara” in his coming to the West in the 
late 1950’s and 1960’s it seems was reactionary to what was seen then as the 
recluse Indian ascetic yogi’s cross-leg sitting chanting of “Om” all the time 
as some primary spiritual practice.   
 His teacher Brahmananda Saraswati, Guru Dev, in the 1940’s and 50’s taught a 
nuanced cautionary teaching against using “om” strictly as mantra unto itself, 
that unto itself usage being different than its primary use employed within a 
mantra or sloca. (See 
 However as result with a more strict push-back to the iconic by Maharishi 
teaching in the 1960’s West against what was thought of as meditation back 
then, this admonishment now remains within TM culture in a consequent type of a 
tru-believer fear of a usage of  ‘om’ as a sound in contrast to “om’s” more 
general usage seen outside of TM (and also by Guru Dev) as being a booster 
otherwise to maha-mantras in meditation or chanting. 
 With Maharishi this seemed a critique of a cultural idiom that happened in a 
period of time. Maharishi evidently felt he had a point to make using the 
platform he had in his time. Meditation it seems evident now is for everyone.  
 Jai Guru Dev.

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 netineti108 wrote :
 Anyone care to suggest why MY told us not to chant Omkara?


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