You do seem so smitten with this guy, Ganapathy 
 What is your relationship to Fairfield, Iowa?  You ever thought of bringing 
Ganapathy to Fairfield, Iowa? 

 A lot of Maha-Saints have come here to Fairfield. And quite a few BATGAP-ERS 
have visited too. Has Rick interviewed this guy Ganapathy?  It has been pretty 
incredible who all has visited Fairfield, Iowa. Ganapathy? Actually another 
BATGAP-er has moved in recent months to the Fairfield, Iowa spiritual 


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 MY was always talking of  Ram Raj, but when did he ever tell the story?

 Here is Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji beautifully singing "Nama 
 in 108 verses.
 Lyrics and meaning with storybook illustrations.
 Incredible merit from listening, learning and singing.

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