What is Ganapathy’s website?

> Curious as to who made Rick the anointer of who is considered a saint

No one did because I’m not.

>or that “Batgap-ers are something so special?

Who said they were?

> If he wants to interview Him, he would need to come to Dallas, TX

Unlikely. I do most interviews over Skype.

> I could most likely arrange it if the intention is pure.

Who judges that?

Rick Archer
Buddha at the Gas Pump

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It took me awhile to offer a response.
I will soon offer more in a post regarding Guru Tattva.

dhamiltony2k5 wrote:
<You do seem so smitten with this guy, Ganapathy >


Did you see the video “Guru Bandaru” where Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji 
stands in a blazing Homa Kunda with 4 fires in each corner and not a singed 
For 12 years this Agni Puja was performed.
You may see a human form but don't be fooled, He is Master of the Five Elements.


<A lot of Maha-Saints have come here to Fairfield. And quite a few BATGAP-ERS 
have visited too.
Has Rick interviewed this guy Ganapathy?  It has been pretty incredible who all 
has visited Fairfield, Iowa. Ganapathy? Actually another BATGAP-er has moved in 
recent months to the Fairfield, Iowa spiritual community.>

What Maha-Saints have come to Fairfield?

Curious as to who made Rick the annointer of who is considered a saint or that 
“Batgap-ers are something so special?
I looked through his list. Rick should be so fortunate for such darshan of Sri 
If he wants to interview Him, he would need to come to Dallas, TX during the 
next Guru Purnima, when Sri Swamiji will be at the most amazing Karya Siddhi 
Hanuman Temple for 20 days.
I could most likely arrange it if the intention is pure.

About these "Maha" saints....
What have they done for the world?
Do they have 9 Guinness World Records for World Peace?
Are their functions free?
Do 300,000 people flock to them in order to chant Hanuman Chalisa in their 
Do hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life around the world sing 
Hanuman Chalisa 14 billion times in the year to contribute to World Peace?
Do 70,000 line up hours before dawn on Makara Sankranti and Yugadi just to walk 
in front of Him, not looking for a hug?
Do 100,000 attend <Free> Healing and Meditation concerts?
Do children as young as 5 years old find these so-called Maha Saints so 
inspiring and attractive that they memorize the entire 700 verses of Srimad 
Bhagavad Gita in 6 months?
Do these people you refer to manifest in 8 places at the same time for their 
Do these people bring the dead back to life?
So many thousands of miracles of devotees lives being dramatically changed as a 
result of His Compassion.

This is what I call "Maha".

<What is your relationship to Fairfield, Iowa?>

I am very attuned to the mindset of the TMO.
I lived deeply in the TMO tribe from 1971 until the turn of century.
I left a wonderful homestead outside Fairfield in 2003.

Like a grazing cow, I was told there was no better pasture, so I did not go 
looking over the fence for better.
Why? #1: Because I was ignorant from the beginning and believed what I was 
told… that there wasn’t anything better tasting nor more efficient in producing 
the milk.
5-7 years for enlightenment sounded great! Plus, I wouldn’t have to do anything 
more than sit with my eyes closed for 20 minutes, twice a day.
Such a deal it was for $35. I had nice experiences in meditation from the first 
which kept me going.
I did the six month TTC in 1974 at the age of 23 which was a great boost for 
the ahankara, especially since we were told we had everything we needed to get 
enlightened and enlighten others through this teaching.
Why look elsewhere? A testament to the western ego, always looking for 
something without effort.
Nowhere in the Shastras does it say it is fast and easy. Quite the opposite in 

I did six months “Governor” training in ’76-’77 that was the precursor to the 
siddhi program. Wow, super powers and flying?
1978 took me to Leysin, France for that Siddhi program, then the Rhode Island 
campaign and then the World Peace project that took me to Costa Rica and 
Nicaragua later that year.
Did the 1979 Amherst project.
I participated in the Washington DC project from ’83-’84, the Fairfield 7000 
course, as well as teaching in the Philippines that year.
The next year, I did the Hague gig then moved to Fairfield where for 15 years I 
was in the dome twice a day every day.
I enjoyed all that grazing. While it was global, the pastures were all the same 
We were all thinking we were going to get IT. How many have got it by grazing 
on that fodder?
The second reason I didn’t look elsewhere for so long was that it was FORBIDDEN.
The ego was inflated, as we all thought we were the best there was, the most 
Not dharmic thinking.

I then became disillusioned with the cult, realizing my life was not changing 
for the better.
I don’t consider myself a victim of the TMO.
I am truly grateful for those nearly 30 years thinking Mahesh Yogi was _the_ be 
all and end all of teachers.
Ignorance is Bliss.
But MY ruined the notion of Guru for too many who surrendered to one who cared 
nothing for them.
A sad thing that so many have discarded ever bowing down to anyone again.

In 1996 someone gave me Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji's "Inner Healing" 
cd and a picture of Lord Dattatreya.
I continued with the TMO program, listening to His music more and more.

In July 2000, I "went to see Him" at a Healing and Meditation Concert in 
Chicago not thinking He should come to me.
After that concert the Trinity Incarnate, the AdiGuru, Lord Dattatreya Avatara, 
Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji literally took my hand.
I have not let go, nor has He.
He provides the necessary tools to everyone in order to enhance that bond on a 
daily basis.
He is my best friend, the best friend, my ONLY God.

<You ever thought of bringing Ganapathy to Fairfield, Iowa?>
His schedule is booked two years out, traveling worldwide to Bless devotees.
He does not need to promote Himself.
He goes to where His devotees are and is only looking for sincere seekers of 
God and those that have been associated with Him in past lives. This is the 
Datta leela. He incarnated to lead the world out of darkness to light.
With the new auditorium in Fairfield, I personally think it would be great for 
a healing concert and could possibly initiate it, but I don't think Fairfield 
has the resources nor devotion to attract Him there.
TMO seems to worship the science of the Unified Field, not the Almighty as 
propounded by Sanatana Dharma and the Tradition of Holy Masters. The cold path 
of science will not liberate.

Vyasa compiled all the Vedas into the Puranas, et al and still, was not happy 
until Narada Muni showed up and told him to write about Lord SriKrishna. Hence 
we have the Srimad Bhagavatam. After this Vyasa gained bliss of devotion.

Jaya Guru Datta

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