Dear Drs. Hagelin and Nader:

 Now that the pundits are gone from Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa could you write 
the membership application guidelines for the Domes anew?

 The old guidelines are yet too inflammatory towards superradiance as they are 
cobbled and wordsmithed.  Please sit and write with a new piece of paper a new 
and fresh Dome application guideline now for membership in the group programs, 
now the pundits are gone. Start with a fresh sheet of paper.  Get it down to 
simple: did someone learn the ™ programs and that this is what they will do in 
the group programs for superradiance. 

 This would be a good time to just go in and gut, drop the clause from the 
guidelines that remains excluding from membership people who spend money on 
‘non-Maharishi’ jyotish and yagya. The earnest reason it was put in there 
originally evidently has gone away. It is time to just get rid of that clause 
in the membership application guideline. There is no sense now to having the 
office staff there investigating that one on people anymore. 

 The pundit program had been a long endured suction of resource out of the 
Fairfield community. That clause about people spending monies on 
‘non-Maharishi’ jyotish and yagya along with the couple of other clauses that 
are left there as some kind of fealty test within the membership guidelines is 
just needlessly inflammatory to succeeding with the Dome attendance numbers and 
superradiance in Fairfield now.  

 Sincerely, Doug Hamilton.  


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 A morality,   Q: I don’t recall anything about “principles of higher moral 
character” in the air when we first came here from Amherst.
 A: Meditation in groups,  Maharishi was consistent the whole way about the 
utility of group meditating influencing a wellbeing of good for others at a 
distance. This remarkable idea in practice is a simple disruptor to a lot of 
people’s material paradigm but after so many decades of inquiry in to this 
observation the science has well borne out the hypothesis.  
 And, Guru Dev too in his spiritual construct on moral order could have easily 
agreed now given what all we know from the inquiry of science, that people who 
do not go to group meditations when they could join with them are being amoral 
in their selfishness. 
 That someone sitting out in a coffee house whether in Leiden watching videos 
on their laptop or those meditators idle downtown around the Fairfield, iowa 
town square at Paradiso, the Cider House, the Sushi bar, or in Revelations 
during the communal group meditation is near to worthless and worse morally in 
their contribution to the general good and communal welfare, a drag, amoral.  
 So this, the virtue of group meditation is now in the reach of this spiritual 
but not religious time of science and spirituality that we do live in.  Yet, 
people who would stay home by themselves, be it some Raja hold up somewhere out 
there by themselves, or an editor working overtime somewhere and may be would 
meditate later, but also an administration and its defenders with a 
religious-like adherence to ill-serving guidelines that should keep people away 
who could otherwise be meditating with the group evidently are all worst than 
sad but pretty bad morally.  Jai Guru Dev. 
 Thread 437705
 Re: What did ‘Guru Dev’ say on Spiritual Morality and its Moral Compass
 .< Interesting to see how the principles of higher moral character that were 
the communal experiment started at Amherst in ‘78 have been eroded and hurt in 
the administration of it.
 For outsiders or people from away looking in on the experiment I recommend 
their reading "Greetings From Utopia Park" and listening to the NPR 'Fresh Air' 
interview of Claire Hoffman for insight to how it went.  
 I don’t recall anything about “principles of higher moral character” in the 
air when we first came here from Amherst.
 Q: I appreciate what you’re doing with the group meditation thing, but I like 
meditating at home. I usually take a nap first, then just sit up and meditate. 
Times vary.
 A: Evidently a lot of people feel this way also about meditating with the TM 
group, not turning out for what was superradiance
 of the group. 
 The numbers in the Dome meditation are incredibly low now.

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 Meditation brings wisdom;
 lack of meditation leaves ignorance.
 Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back,
 and choose the path that leads to wisdom.  -The Buddha

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 Meditate and Act

 Meditation with activity has always been the TM teaching (B.Gita II v 48).  
This teaching was one of the things also used to convince a change in the 
administration policy at a point to modify the ‘long’ IAAssembly morning 
program rounds to get it all shortened down more to what it is now with the 
idea according to the teaching to get them out of there and in to the world and 
community before the mid-day and to give them longer in the afternoon to ‘do 
things’ of life and be in the community. 
 That was important to have happen at the time for people’s health and general 
wellbeing. The long program the way it was enforced was turning folks in to 
pale renunciates in front of us here in the community. Then it is just a matter 
of how people may use their time between meditations. Turning compost for 
health is not a bad use of time. Meditate and perform action.  Communicating 
this by FFL was an effective element at the time in turning this around for the 
better. .
 Jai Guru Dev

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 I think I’d rather shovel cow manure for a living than spend my days spying on 
people through people’s social media, the Weekly Reader, Source, etc.
 Note to spies: shoveling cow manure is great exercise and really quite 
enjoyable when you get into it. I used to do it at Livingston Manor. If 
interested, contact Radiance Dairy. They may have openings.
 Rick Archer
 Buddha at the Gas Pump

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 Subject: RE: [FairfieldLife] Re: The Importance of Group Meditation

 The Authorities?  Yes they read FFL and make files about people’s social 
media, the Weekly Reader, Source, and such on applicants.  It is their job to 
gather info on people in ferreting out people who are in violation of the 
membership guidelines by making inquiry in to lives.  Yes, with potentially 
long interrogation. 
 One of the things that was held up this last time I was denied a badge was 
about things I may have written on FFL, “about these things you write on 
Fairfield Life”. Yes, you could proly be in some trouble with the membership 
guidelines promoting other spiritual teachers and such by what and who you 
promote with BATGAP.     
 The existential problem they have with this is that as they have these written 
guidelines they have to have a staff hired to investigate and enforce them in 
detail over applicants.  The guidelines have been cobbled together, wordsmithed 
over the years either to exclude people and they have been reduced somewhat to 
include peoples who were separated from the group by guideline. The remaining 
exclusionary clauses now are mostly cultural and not simply as to whether 
someone is a practitioner or not. There are three written clauses remaining 
that still are in there that can stick in the craw of the larger meditating 
 The Authorities, I also do send in communication to movement policy makers the 
url’s to posts made on FFL as posts are pithy, incisive, pertinent and relevant 
in the context of having to do with policy. Fairfield Life has had its 
effective place in communications.  But, the people who investigate Dome 
membership applications do not make policy themselves, they just enforce it. 
The people who make decisions you likely will never meet in the process.
 May the grace of the Unified Field grant providential support in Nature 
towards overcoming these long problems we all have suffered with our communal 
Dome meditation attendance numbers.  Jai Guru Dev 

<> wrote :
 So do the dome authorities still read FFL to see who’s saying what, and 
exclude them if they feel inclined?
 Batgap is a funny phenomena with regard to this issue. I promote other 
teachers up the wazoo, and probably wouldn’t be allowed in the dome if I wanted 
to be, but I’ve interviewed Hagelin and Pearson, and others who still go to the 
dome. A senior faculty member listens to just about every BatGap interview and 
we sometimes chat about them. He said he even discusses them with other faculty 
in his department sometimes.
 Rick Archer
 Buddha at the Gas Pump

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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: The Importance of Group Meditation

 Q: I appreciate what you’re doing with the group meditation thing, but I like 
meditating at home. I usually take a nap first, then just sit up and meditate. 
Times vary.
 A: Evidently a lot of people feel this way also about meditating with the TM 
group, not turning out for what was superradiance
 of the group.
 The numbers in the Dome meditation are incredibly low now.
 A radical transcendentalist's response to excuses, like the.. 
  This Insulting Frenchman's:
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 banned from the Domes..

 It is time to start with the membership guidelines anew with a clean sheet of 
 Examples of adapting policy:
 The ‘Adhesion Contract’..
 Back in 2012 I incited getting the ridiculous 4 pages ‘course agreement’ down 
more essentially to two pages of text.
 All that is needed to run a residence course or group meditation is the 
ability to remove disruptive people. The 'course agreement' as it was written 
by apparatchiks trying to be ‘legal’ with everything in their minds and all 
their concerns including the kitchen sink thrown in, their course agreement was 
trying to catch, coerce or punish people to line on all kinds of creed stuff 
otherwise unrelated to being on a course, assembly or in a group meditation. 
The agreement was embarrassing as it was ridiculous as a ‘human resources’ 
 I pointed this out to reasonable minds and it was written down to what was 
more essential to running the facility and course with people. One sheet of 
paper, two sides for signature.   

 Blue jeans were once banned from the Domes. That changed. 
<> wrote :
 Thanks for the response,  
 Yes, you are right about a practical need to regulate the running of a course 
assembly or group meditation. 
 The practical Regulating of Disruptive behavior is written in to the legal 
course agreement that gets signed as people get badges that allows course 
administrators a discretion to remove disruptive folks. There is a communal 
practicality to that. 
 That “course agreement” is different than the written guidelines for 
membership (Dome badge) application to the group. 
 Om by the way, that 'course agreement' document that had developed into a 
piled-on cobbled and complex Four page document of legalese (what is called in 
common law an abusive 'adhesion contract') got cut down to one sheet of paper, 
the sheet of paper agreement that is what they use now to have people sign as 
they come in to get Dome badges. That change is an example of work in progress 
that can occur within TM. 
 Jai Guru Dev
<> wrote :
 Our ™ group offers what?  
 The written guidelines to the Domes have for years not been inviting to a 
larger community practice here.  The guidelines as they have been cobbled and 
word-smithed together have not served us well, at all. 
 The guidelines must, need to be written down to simple: 1) Did someone learn 
the ™ technique and programs? 2) If folks come to the Dome is that what they 
will do?  If yes on both accounts then say ‘welcome’. Be magnanimous and even 
say, ‘thank you’ for being with the group. 
 Get rid of the remaining old jealousies that are cultural written still into 
the guidelines which have right at nothing to do with the either the practice 
or running a group meditation or residence/assembly course but are there as 
purely administrative coercive and punitive ideas of other things of some 
people’s creeds. To approach the communal problem with the Dome numbers the 
guidelines must be changed to such a place that they may be publishable on a 
web page. Now.
<> wrote :
 Thanks for the replies from several of you. 

 The membership (Dome badge) guideline problem

 The need is to write the membership guidelines anew, start with a clean sheet 
of paper. Right now. New. Don’t just edit and wordsmith the old ones.   
 Go with “Name, Rank, and Serial number”. Simply, Did someone start ™ and learn 
the ™ program practices and if they would come to the Domes that is what is 
practiced as these Domes are facilitated. Thank you very much.  
 Don’t try to wordsmith the old ones anymore. Raja Hagelin did that again more 
recently retreating with (..) whispering in his ear this last spring and it did 
not improve on the essential problem of these old jealousies that are stuck in 
the written guidelines as they are cobbled.  
 Notice also: The ‘course agreement’ that people sign as they get badges is a 
different doc than ‘the guideline for (Dome badge) membership  application’ . 
 Don’t confuse either document for ‘the purity of the teaching’. 
 ‘Effortless meditation’ is the purity of the teaching. Policy as guideline 
only facilitates the teaching but they are not the same thing. Too many 
tru-believers conflate the two and have caused all kinds of trouble.  Maharishi 
modified changing policy all the time based on what was at hand. Metrics. 
 It is time to do that now to save superradiance meditation. Rajas: ‘Run it 
like a business’? 

<> wrote :
 Hey, I am a satisfied customer of the practice of the ™ program. I know my 
experience with it. Questioning the character of my experience with it? I thank 
the Providence in the large Nature of the Unified Field for my having come 
across it in my life time as a spiritual practice. 
 Now, the behavior of some in the .org and how poorly or well the metics of 
their facilitating what is here as a community in this larger enterprise of 
superradiance is another question entirely.> wrote :
 In, salsunshineiniowa@ wrote :
 I can’t believe you or anybody else still goes out of their way to be part of 
a group of aging yahoos who still believe in expelling people from their 
clique, despite abundant evidence almost nobody wants to be IN said clique, and 
hasn’t for many years.  Hear they’re up to around 300 these days, even with the 
MUM students...pathetic.
 “Provisional” dome How’s the mold doing in there by the way? 
 Then again, a friend tells me it’s still a good place to sleep, so there is 

<> wrote :
 They gave me a ‘provisional’ Dome badge. 
 Okay, I am back in the Dome meditation again with the group. 
 In the interviewing, the more grave concerns were in three jealousies embedded 
in the written guidelines, that posts here on FairfieldLife could be seen as 
‘promoting’ other practices, also the giving an indication of money going to 
‘non-Maharishi’ jyotish/ yagya, and then what cursory promotion of Ravi Shankar 
there could be seen here from describing (a journalism of) any of these as 
being part of what is going on in the meditating community of ‘spiritual’ 
Fairfield. FairfieldLife posts, news and social media/facebook otherwise get 
read actively by an investigating staff. 
 This is not like going in to a Saudi Embassy in Turkey for papers but an 
intelligence gathering about people works similarly because of guidelines as 
they are written and a staff that is hired to investigate these guidelines. 
 Srijau writing: you compare to the House of Saud. disgusting.

<> wrote :
 In the last few of weeks of processing since I was denied an updated sticker 
or new Dome badge people here generally on hearing word of this would respond, 
“..are they still doing that?” and then relate their own experience and fears 
with this. 
 These last few days in Fairfield I have run across people who recently 
updated/got their badges and when hearing about the written guideline over 
‘money’ going to ‘non-Maharishi’ jyotish/yagya, remarked “opps”, that they had. 
 Another just the other day, had an ‘inexpensive’ ‘non-Maharishi’ yagya done 
otherwise, also recently updated with a new badge and can meditate now in the 
Dome group meditation in fear of being found out. 
 I have advocated more recently with a direct hand for four successfully 
renewed badge people urging them to/having them get Dome badges.  Aggregate 
numbers, superradiance, towards a more critical mass. Jai Guru Dev. 
 The process just let someone else in who they did not know about into the 
Domes who visits/sees Ravi Shankar quite a lot. 
 These are each people (example) whether 'persisting' visiting other 
saints/spiritual people or having bought 'non-Maharishi' jyotish and yagya who 
can come and do, willingly do, the TM program with the group. And, will do so 
if so long as they are 'not found out' and separated from the group...   

<> wrote :
 This is very much in the purvey now of TM’s Trustees and Raja class, as 
something like the House of Saud is hierarchical and organized. Hopefully our 
Trustees and Raja of the ™ .org can get the guidelines for membership down 
simply to whether someone learned the programs and would come to the group 
meditations doing those. Simple. May the grace of Providence of the Unified 
Field free us all from what long oppression the Dome group meditation numbers 
have suffered of those written guidelines. Jai Guru Dev 
<> wrote :
 Dear Ones,
 I am very sorry and apologetic that Maharishi has told conflicting instruction 
of such different things to different groups and individuals that this has left 
you here to enforce a cobbled (wordsmithed) set of guidelines for our 
superradiance membership.  Guidelines that have not served you or our 
meditating community well.
 The essential guideline of course is at the bottom of the printed guidelines: 
Only Maharishi’s techniques are permitted to be practiced in the program halls.
 Which essentially would entail an applicant having learned ™ and the 
TM0-Sidhis at some point.
 However, having now had the guidelines for membership read out to me on more 
than one occasion and also having read the guidelines directly there are three 
embedded jealousies which are cultural that stand out in the guidelines. These 
continue to be essentially corrosive to our communal superradiance experience.

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