Nadi astrology has a different method than the Parasari- based techniques in 
modern jyotish today.  It is based on the importance of the sub-lords of the 
nakshatra in predicting the karma of an individual.  For example,  Jupiter may 
be in the 9th house of Pisces.  But the sublord of Jupiter is Venus, in 
vargottama and placed in the second house.  I graduated from college in my 
Jupiter period.  But my motivation in school was to finish the schooling 
requirement and get a job or make some money.

 So, I felt that Venus was more representative in manifesting my karma at that 
time.  During the same time period, I bought a condo which I still hold to this 
day.  So this fact was representative of Venus, the lord of the 4th and 11th 
houses in my chart.

 Overall, I would to say that a jyotish student should learn several techniques 
of prediction to get a better picture one's potential in life.




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 I would say it is more a co-incidence. Saturn would need to be the 
moolatrikona ruler of a bad house(6/8/12) and very weak, or being aspected by 
the same or by Rahu or Ketu or some other factor indicating death is likely of 
much more importance. also Vimshottari is not universal and there are other 
dasha systems that are looked at more for longevity.

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