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 In order to keep the Domes open..

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From: Dr. John Hagelin 
Date: Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 12:05 PM
Subject: Update on our Golden Domes

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Dear Doug and Jennifer,

Last year I wrote to you about a critically important new initiative to help 
sustain our beautiful Golden Domes at Maharishi University of Management.

We are all so grateful to the many generous donors who have recognized the 
vital importance of keeping our Domes open and functional—and who have joined 
our new “Dome Supporters 1800 Group” to help safeguard these cherished homes of 
enlightenment and coherence in the U.S. But we still have a ways to go if we 
want to be able to preserve our Domes on a secure and sustainable basis.
   - Our first priority for our beautiful Domes is to fill them. Everyone who 
has spent program time here knows the power and depth of Dome experiences. In 
this spirit, we invite you to be in the Domes if you’re in Fairfield, and to 
visit us often if you’re not. 
   - In order to keep the Domes open and available to everyone, we face some 
real financial challenges. The actual cost to maintain the Domes—heating, 
cooling, lighting, water, and maintenance—is $270,000 a year. That’s about 
$22,500 a month, or $5,200 a week. At present, thanks to the generosity of 
donors from around the world, we can cover about half these costs sustainably. 
But we can’t cover the other half without your help. And we don’t want to close 
even one of our beautiful Domes.
   - Last year we established a large group of Sidhas from around the country 
to help sustain the Domes financially —a complementary national Super Radiance 
group, if you will—called the “Dome Supporters 1800 group.” The goal is simple: 
If 1800 Sidhas were each to commit even $15 a month to sustain the Domes—a very 
affordable contribution—the Dome maintenance costs would be completely covered, 
very easily and comfortably for everyone. So many Sidhas recognized the value 
of this proposal and responded generously, and now I’m hoping to bring this 
project to a very fulfilling fruition. Will you join us?
   - Naturally, those of you with greater financial means are welcome and 
encouraged to make a larger contribution. You could consider $50–100 or more 
per month; or you could “adopt a week” at the Domes for a $5,200 gift; or you 
could even “adopt a month” or more. But whatever your financial means may be, 
we would like everyone to contribute something toward this worthy and 
achievable goal.
   - Ideally, we want you to be part of both groups—our Super Radiance group in 
the Domes and our 1,800 group of contributors. But if you can’t be in one of 
these groups, then please be in the other. Your contributions will secure our 
Golden Domes—now and into the future.  

Together, we can ensure that the largest peace-creating community in the U.S. 
can continue to grow and provide a beautiful home for TM and TM-Sidhi 
practitioners everywhere in the world. 

Please join me in giving generously today. Thank you.

With all best wishes,

John Hagelin, Ph.D.

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