So, TM’s other units are charity ‘star-less’. 
 They don’t rate a Charity rating star? 

 David Lynch Foundation was always extraterritorial in its ways and insulated 
in its success from the rest of the movement’s culture of operations and 
 Srijau offers: DLF 4 out of 4 on Charity Navigator


 We need money$.

 Without charity rating *stars*..

 $270K annually now to keep the Domes open.


 ™’s Pundit program, needs $45 million annually.
 for 9,000 peace-creating professionals at the central campus plus the required 
training program is $45.5 million annually.

 Annual Reports
 Notes of a larger operation at the end of the statements appear material to 
some of what is interlocking but mostly unseen and untold between movement 
business operations, assets, and various shells of ideal .org needs. 

 2017-18 MUM Annual Fund goal of $2.25 million.
 The Annual Fund supplements MUM’s revenues each year and completes our general 
operating budget.

 Maharishi Foundation USA teaches TM


 Will the last one out of the Domes please remember to turn out the lights?

---In, <> wrote :

 Nice that he (Tony Nader) showed up. Important really. 

 With badge holders in the Dome he acquitted himself very well in role simply 
as a TM teacher, in the Friday evening meeting . It reminded of the likes of 
Walter Koch or a Jerry Jarvis. 
 The meeting was conducted as an experience meeting like of old days advanced 
lectures or on residence courses.  TM speaking to the related experiences. 
 He did go directly after the separation, the inequity, that has been created 
by the whole #1 experience regime of Bevan’s Invincibility Assembly.  
 Dr. Nader has a lot more experience on the job now with teaching, he was good 
in this with the Friday meeting.  

 The Sunday afternoon community meeting became the whole panoply of sales 
pitching of all the now seemingly obligatory Vedic science faith products. 
 Someone, a program attender with a Dome badge emailed that they went to the 
meeting on Sunday afternoon in learning of the Friday evening meeting but 
concluded after they would never go to another movement meeting after sitting 
through that. 
 It makes a material communal observation as to the pre-Vedic science TM 
movement days where the movement was so large and then with an advent of Vedic 
Sciences to the TM movement community.  
 I hear this too with newer younger ™ teachers coming through who went to 
teacher training enthralled with meditating who subsequently were put in 
position of representing and selling all the other stuff as TM teachers at the 
same time. .       

---In, <> wrote :

 Dr. Tony Nader Visits MUM    
 meeting with students, faculty, staff, and community members. 
 ..had meetings with Maharishi School teachers and parents and members of the 
Invincible America Assembly. His meeting with the larger community of TM® 
practitioners was broadcast all over the world through Transcendental 
Meditation Centers.

 a template for how it goes with spiritual practice groups as our own:  
Diminution of the cheering of core values, administrative rigidity setting in, 
loss of people, loss of altruism towards the community, loss of donors, loss of 
critical mass, financial crisis, and finally an auction of assets attendant to 
the dispersal of community.  



 Sal Sunshine writes:
 I wish them luck. Feste’s suggestion is a good one, if they had any common 
sense at all that’s what they’d do.

---In, <> wrote :

 $675 per person meditating now. Need about $675 per person per year to keep 
the Domes open.  
 Meditating doing program, about 400 people use the Dome program now for the 
daily practices. 
 They are Budgeting $270K to keep the Domes operating, evidently including 
periodic capital costs. 
 $270k divided by 400 gets $675 per person per year.
 Can they be trusted to hold on to a reserve fund for the Domes? 
 The old history is doubtful.  Trustees?
 Dome Supporters 1800 Group

---In, <> wrote :

 Given the lower numbers, I wonder if it would be best just to keep one dome 
open—the men's dome, and open it to women and meditators. 

It would be sad to see the domes go. I remember when the women's dome was 
opened in 1981. And the men's dome opened in 1979. They have only been closed 
for a very few times since then, I think, during extreme weather. That's an 
amazing record over a nearly 40-year period. 


 Email received saying..  “Good luck with that! This is when you need lots of 
small donors as well as the the big guys.”

 : against long administrative histories in draining, syphoning, taking, moving 
monies given altruistically to purpose, from the West and sending offshore... 

 "Our fundraisers for the movement must need to have their own ‘therapy 
animals’ as help to them to get through.."

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 1/3 $million every year to keep the Domes open.
 3-4 $million additional donations needed to operate MUM annually
 18 $million endowment fund for the University
 45.5 $million annually for pundits/ Saraswati Brahmananda Trust

 "Annual cash donations support needed to fully implement the Global Peace 
Initiative for 9,000 peace-creating professionals (pundits) at the central 
campus plus the required training program is $45.5 million annually."


 srijau writes:  I like opening to TMers for now but I don't think it will be a 
solution to meeting expenses.


 ---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Threatening to close the Fairfield Meditation Domes: the need of a third of a 
million $dollars every year to stave off bankruptcy keeps them open..

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Towards opening, increasing, the Dome group in meditation: in practice having 
meditators in the Domes for their meditations with the longer program could be 
no disturbance to what is there already.  
 Just set it up so it works. No need in delay to ‘wall it off’, people are 
really good at quietly coming and going already. 
 There are people quietly coming and going all during the long program in the 
Dome meditation now already according to their work and schedule.

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :



The Domes are fabulous places to meditate. They are of the 7 wonders of the 
world that way. It would be terrible in many ways if they go bankrupt. 

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 An anguish held by some over having TM meditators in the Domes and seeing 
Yogic Flyers is silly too considering all the Yogic Flying public 
demonstrations that have been promoted and put on. No big deal. 

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Yep, get over it. Open the Domes as place for meditators to meditate also.  
 Is really silly that meditators live here in Fairfield and are not in there 
meditating in the Domes. 

 Srijau offers.. 
 a home for "TM practitioners"?  section off a part of the domes now while 
attendance is low and get TMers in there then. 
 that would do a lot for reducing perceived casteism and  making everyone feel 
welcomed and included



 ----- Forwarded Message -----

 In order to keep the Domes open..

 ---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Dr. John Hagelin 
Date: Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 12:05 PM
Subject: Update on our Golden Domes

 Dear Doug and Jennifer,
 Last year I wrote to you about a critically important new initiative to help 
sustain our beautiful Golden Domes at Maharishi University of Management.
 We are all so grateful to the many generous donors who have recognized the 
vital importance of keeping our Domes open and functional—and who have joined 
our new “Dome Supporters 1800 Group” to help safeguard these cherished homes of 
enlightenment and coherence in the U.S. But we still have a ways to go if we 
want to be able to preserve our Domes on a secure and sustainable basis.
 Our first priority for our beautiful Domes is to fill them. Everyone who has 
spent program time here knows the power and depth of Dome experiences. In this 
spirit, we invite you to be in the Domes if you’re in Fairfield, and to visit 
us often if you’re not. In order to keep the Domes open and available to 
everyone, we face some real financial challenges. The actual cost to maintain 
the Domes—heating, cooling, lighting, water, and maintenance—is $270,000 a 
year. That’s about $22,500 a month, or $5,200 a week. At present, thanks to the 
generosity of donors from around the world, we can cover about half these costs 
sustainably. But we can’t cover the other half without your help. And we don’t 
want to close even one of our beautiful Domes. Last year we established a large 
group of Sidhas from around the country to help sustain the Domes financially 
—a complementary national Super Radiance group, if you will—called the “Dome 
Supporters 1800 group.” The goal is simple: If 1800 Sidhas were each to commit 
even $15 a month to sustain the Domes—a very affordable contribution—the Dome 
maintenance costs would be completely covered, very easily and comfortably for 
everyone. So many Sidhas recognized the value of this proposal and responded 
generously, and now I’m hoping to bring this project to a very fulfilling 
fruition. Will you join us? Naturally, those of you with greater financial 
means are welcome and encouraged to make a larger contribution. You could 
consider $50–100 or more per month; or you could “adopt a week” at the Domes 
for a $5,200 gift; or you could even “adopt a month” or more. But whatever your 
financial means may be, we would like everyone to contribute something toward 
this worthy and achievable goal. Ideally, we want you to be part of both 
groups—our Super Radiance group in the Domes and our 1,800 group of 
contributors. But if you can’t be in one of these groups, then please be in the 
other. Your contributions will secure our Golden Domes—now and into the future. 
 Together, we can ensure that the largest peace-creating community in the U.S. 
can continue to grow and provide a beautiful home for TM and TM-Sidhi 
practitioners everywhere in the world. 
 Please join me in giving generously today Thank you.
 With all best wishes,
 John Hagelin, Ph.D.


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