When you consider that the Fairfield demographics are not representative of 
small towns in Iowa or the USA in general, the stats are not impressive.  What 
percentage of Fairfield's population is TMers or New Age folk?  Hardly the sort 
that have criminal tendencies to begin with.  It's a shame that TM got into 
this whole scientific proof gamesmanship.  I taught TM and residences courses 
for 33 years.  Although I put a lot of emphasis on scientific research in my 
lectures, I'd guess that maybe 10% started for that reason.  For almost 
everyone, it was because a friend of family member suggested TM or they had a 
good vibe from the lecturer.  And the price and scientific approach actually 
turned a lot of people off who might have otherwise started.  Of course this 
has been debated ad nauseam.  I sincerely wish you well in your goal of 
becoming a TM teacher.

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